Alrighty people, here are the before and after shots of our new house!

Disclaimer:I must say that we still have a ways to go. Please think of the house as currently in-process. This is week #4 for us actually living here but there is so much to be done! I took a break last week in hopes to be re-inspired.  It’s working.

I’ve put lots more pics of the new house on our Shutterfly site. Click here to see more!

After-Spring did all the work.
Dining Room/Front Room Before
Dining Room/Front Room After -We removed the carpet, painted, changed the light fixture and installed Bamboo floors
Chase's Room Before
Chase's Room After

(Pardon the mess. Chase followed me everywhere pulling stuff out here and there!)

Cooper's Room Before
Cooper's Room After
Master Bdrm before
Master Bdrm After
Master Bath Before
Master Bath After-We changed out the hardware, the mirror and the light fixture and we are eventually going to get around to fixing the shower.
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After-We changed out the hardware on the cabinets and drawers and painted
Hall Bath Before...such a lousy picture! You can't see the ugly mirror or light.
Hall Bath After with new mirror, light fixture and hardware
Den built in Before
Den Built In After (with desk now!)
The Pub Before
The Pub After
Basement Before
Basement After
Basement After-2
Basement After...looking the other direction.

There are lots more pictures but this gives you a general idea. I have to admit I’m sort of embarrassed to show these! So much is still in the works and I’m tired of working on it. I have needed to walk away for a bit.

I actually can’t wait to see what this place looks like in a few years. Should be fun. I’m sure I’ll hate these pictures then!


5 thoughts on “Before and After House Shots

  1. These look great! Don’t be embarrassed…I still had boxes sitting around for a few MONTHS after we moved in because I just couldn’t find the motivation to deal with them. I’m just now feeling like working on different areas of the house that I didn’t the first go-round.

    1. Thanks Nicole! What you said makes me feel much better. After all the late nights working on getting the house ready and then all the unpacking and cleaning I’m pooped! Moving is a crazy amount of work!

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