Tonight, I am so proud to be the wife of a veteran! I am so proud that my husband served this country.

Love this man in uniform!

As we talked tonight about the news of Bin Ladin’s death, he told me that he feels a tremendous amount of triumph. Like the work he did in Afghanistan was somehow meaningful in all this. Jeremy said, “There’s part of me that wants to get my American flag and go running up and down the street.”.

I feel it too. I believe in evil. I rejoice with all those people outside the White House right now because you know what? It’s about time that evil is called out. We let evil slide too often, calling it some other name. We let evil run rampant and make excuses for it calling it politically correct. But this man, he was evil.

I remember September 11, 2001. My fiancé told me if we weren’t engaged, he would have gone straight to the Recruiting office that same day. He did end up there 4 years later…I remember watching the second tower get hit. I remember the way my heart felt. I couldn’t believe or imagine what the people in those towers were experiencing. The fear, the loss, the confusion. And to know that someone took such pleasure in something so horrendous. To know that he bragged about it. Death is a means to an end. We all die at some point. But to take life, to plan it, execute it and brag about it.

I remember the Muslim countries who celebrated our loss on September 11. Tonight as I watch the people who are pouring into the streets in Washington and New York, as I hear them chanting “USA!” and hear them singing our National Anthem, I’m proud to be an American. I’m proud to know we stuck by our word.

A lot of people on Facebook are saying this is purely symbolic and I agree. But even symbolism can be powerful.

Now, will we as a country be emboldened to step up and call out other evil around us? I sure hope so. I’m so proud to be part of a country that still stands for something. May we be a light of truth and justice my fellow Americans!


3 thoughts on “Usama Bin Ladin is Dead

  1. Proud to be the mother, wife, daughter, sister and niece of men who served. Without men like them, where would we be?

  2. Just now catching up on my blog reading and wanted to thank you for this. I was very surprised and a little frustrated at the bickering amongst Christian circles about whether or not we should rejoice. It went so far as to produce almost a sympathy of bin laden. I feel no sympathy for him. I’m glad there are other voices of reason out here too. Love you and you husband!!!

    1. You bet lady. That really bothered me too and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I was downright angry over people’s responses. Evil is evil and if we as Christians can’t recognize it and be glad that evil is squelched, then I really worry about us in the future! We don’t have a passive God and I don’t believe He has called us to passivity. There must always be balance sure. God is righteous, holy and just and yeah, He longs for all to come to Him. But it is a reality of life that not all will choose Him. (or that He chose all-AH Calvinism vs. Armeniaism) And that’s where evil comes into play. That dude had a choice and he chose Evil. There are consequences for evil people. Good won. Praise Jesus! And don’t be afraid to be bold about it.

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