The Bouncing Baby Boy Turned Two

When we moved into our house on post in Washington, it happened to occur right when Cooper was turning two. This time, Chase got to experience the same thing his brother did when he turned two; a bit of a lame birthday party! I think we should just make it a family tradition that when you turn two, you get the short end of the stick in terms of parties and festivities.

That’s mean isn’t it?

I’ll work on it.

So Chase turned two on February 3! Jeremy had to work late that day, so we went out to breakfast at one of our favorite places, the Original House of Pancakes. It helps that pancakes are one of the few things Chase will eat without protest, so you know…

Here Chase is talking on the phone with one of his many Grandparents the morning of his birthday. We were on our way to breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes!

Isn’t that the cutest picture? I love his sunglasses up on his head. He’s so smooth.

Here Chase is sporting his "Birthday Boy" shirt and eating a cup of whipped cream. Yes, I said a cup of whipped cream.

We had a small family dinner party that night too.

For his birthday dinner, I made his favorite meal; spaghetti! And we topped it off with a little chocolate cake. He was very excited to be sung to multiple times all throughout the day. We were singing to him here...
Here he is attempting to blow out the #2 candle on his mini cake. It was good practice, but he needed a bit of help.

Then that following Saturday, February 5, we did a party at the Ballwin Pointe. It’s like a YMCA facility, but local. The theme was Balls and Balloons because those are his most favorite things. I made cupcakes and cake balls instead of the usual chocolate layer cake. The cake balls were quite an experience…but that’s for the cooking blog.

We rented out a party room and went with the only time slot available: 9 am to Noon. It worked nicely except for the 4-5 inches of surprise snow we got that morning. Whoops. We were late to Chase’s own birthday party. Hey, the roads were seriously in bad shape. Thankfully, we have 4-wheel drive!

The cake balls however, were really yummy. Addictive too...
These were from scratch and I really liked the cake recipe but the frosting was just “eh”. I disagree with Pioneer Woman’s assessment that it is the best frosting ever. It was just “eh” as I said.

The guest list consisted of family and close friends. We knew it would be major over stimulation and it gets so hard to know where to draw the line at kids birthday parties. But it was just right. I would have felt terrible otherwise. The weather was really pretty awful! Everyone had a rough time getting there. But the party must go on!

We had fruit, bagels, coffee, cheese and a few other munchies around. We started out eating and thanking God for Chase. Then we went into the game session of the party.

Now, Jeremy is in charge of games when it comes to our kids birthday parties. It’s the wanna-be-youth-minister/permanent-8th-grade-boy in him that earns this responsibility. He has this knack for making the dumbest thing in the world way fun. So I told him weeks prior that he was in charge of this portion of the party and hoping he would PLAN it out a little. Sigh. It was still fun and totally hilarious though.

There was the "balance the ball on your nose" game
And the "Bobble the balloon down and around" team relay race game. Two games for the two-year olds party.
All the kiddos had a great time

Then it was time for presents. This was a GREAT thing because well, we didn’t bring that many toys with us in the car (because there was just no room left in the car!), and it’s been a while since we were at Gma and Gpa’s house. So the new toys were an amazing and perfectly timed thing. Chase loved all the things he got and I will say that he got some really fun toys. But after this, he wanted nothing to do with cake or anything else. All he wanted was to sit by himself on the floor and play with his new toys…ALONE. We did manage to tear him away but the lure wasn’t the cake as expected, it was the singing. He loved hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. And ever since his birthday, it is one of his favorite songs. He still walks around singing it and I have even caught him singing it to his dolls/robots/toys on occasion. It’s so cute!

Singing to the Birthday Boy (who was mad we tore him away from his new toys)
And he blew out the candle all by himself! This is why it looks like we are Greek and saying "OMPA!" or however you spell it.

It was a really fun day and let me tell you, that child crashed hard that evening. I have lots more pics of the day if you would like to see them. Check out the Shutterfly site to peruse.

Chase, you are a precious boy. You melt our hearts with your sweetness and silliness. I pray that the power and might, the fight that is in you will always be used to fight for Jesus and for truth. Your Daddy always says that you never go down without a fight and he likes that about you. We love you and your strong little personality. May you “chase” after the Lord with the fervor with which you “chase” after life.

Tales from the Camode

I’m a softy as a parent. I may not sound like it sometimes, (or maybe I sound like it all the time, I dunno) but seriously, my kids know who is the push-over in this family and who is not. I appreciate the good cop, bad cop gig Jeremy and I have going. Though, it’s weird that the bad cop is so flipp’in adored (at least until blood is involved).

Why do I mention this? Because I am about to talk about the child who has me way figured out. Mr. Chasey-bud. That little stinker knows that he can unravel me at my core and make me nutso. And I know that he knows this, but I’m not sure that he knows that I know. You know?

The little boy has hit a big benchmark in his life recently; he has attained 2 years of life. With that 2 years of life there comes oh so much: potty training, end of binkie and hopefully, better eating habits. Man cannot live on PB&J Chase, I’m serious.

For Chase’s birthday this year (I’ll document it eventually), we gave him a potty chair of his very own. We have begun reading “A Potty Just for Me!” and we have begun encouraging him to sit on it before bath. At first, there was much screaming. So we let it go. We left the potty in the bathroom though. And really, who can resist a cute little frog? Doesn’t that make you want to sit your naked tookus on it?

He did eventually really enjoy sitting on this little froggy potty. He rode it like a bucking bronco through my parents living room when we were residing there and we would laugh. I mean at least he wasn’t screaming about it anymore.

Once we moved into our beloved house (I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!), we decided we would push back a bit on the potty issue. EUREKA! We had quick success! I think it was just this weekend that he actually sat on it and produced a little tinkle. We were so proud. We cheered, we danced, we hooted and hollered. Then Jeremy thought it would be good to SHOW Chase that we DUMP the tinkles into the big potty and clean the chair out when he is done. (That’s called foreshadowing peeps.)

Fast forward to today. Jeremy is working later and won’t be home till the kiddos are in bed. I’m cleaning up dinner and Chase announces to me that he has fouled his diaper. (He said it in two-year-old-ese though.) I stop cleaning the dishes to change him and find that he has done no such thing. I know I’m about to throw both boys in the bath so I just make him naked and let him run around while I finish the dishes.

As I am continuing to clean up the kitchen Chase continues to tell me he wants to go potty and take a bath. I tell him in an exasperated voice (there is much whining by this point and I’m starting to boil a bit), “Chase, if you sit on your potty chair Mommy will give you candy”. Now I’m thinking this will not work. I’m thinking he’ll sit on it and nothing will happen but hey, at least he sat on it.

Chase immediately runs into the bathroom and shuts the door. “Huh”, I think to myself and I continue to wash the dishes.

The next thing I know, the naked baby proudly comes out to me. I say, “did you go potty?” and he says “yes!”. I’m still in disbelief. I go into the bathroom and he proudly walks over to his potty and says, “I dump!” very happily. And yup, sure enough. He dumped his pee all over the floor…just like Daddy showed him we do when he goes in his potty chair.

So, final verdict? I say score one for team Good Cop, Bad Cop. Sure, I had to clean pee up all over my floor, chat about how only Mommy and Daddy clean up what goes in the potty, etc. He still got one M&M though. You should’ve seen the look of pride and joy on his face.

Me? Oh I’m thinking this potty training thing is going to be SUCH fun with him.