Human beings are pretty amazing creatures.  I think we are unassuming to look at, but in terms of what we can accomplish, we are amazing. As a mom, I feel like this guy in the picture. I’m always spinning a bunch of plates. I have a lot of things going on all at once. My husband says I’m not the best multi-tasker, but I argue that it is just because I am focused on one plate whilst the rest of my plates spin away. I just don’t like to be interrupted from my spinning…

I’m a deep believer that this is because we were created to be this way.  (Not bad multi-taskers, but creatures who are capable of big things.) I believe we are image-bearers of God. We reflect back just a small portion of His awesomeness.

But there is also something in us that craves more. We look around at this world and it feels wrong. Like something is missing, unachieved, undiscovered.

I’ve already said that I believe in a Creator. More specifically, I believe in Jesus as my Savior. He is the “more” on the grand scale of life.  As His creative being, I’m designed to want to create, to give, to overflow.

I’ve been feeling short on areas to spill over in lately. I have plates that are already spinning now: home, children, husband and even my church plate is starting to spin again. Yet I’m longing for more. I truely feel like there is something in me trying to get out.

I’m wrestling with it.

I’m praying through it.

It just feels better to let it out. Whatever it is…

One thought on “Letting it Out

  1. Maybe you need to have a baby. There’s a plate for ya! 😉

    Just kidding. I totally know what you mean and understand that feeling well. Love you, friend!

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