I’ve been back tracking a bit here at QGRS over the past week. We moved back to St. Louis in January and since then I’ve had a hard time getting pictures and stories up on the blog. Looking for a house and moving and settling takes up a lot of time!

As I was looking through the pictures I had to laugh at all the random snow day pictures I have on the camera. St. Louis got A LOT of snow this year. I know the meteorologists have said that the mid-west in general got a lot more snow this year than usual. It’s just funny how cold and white the winter was for us. It took some major getting used to. Of course the boys loved it so much! I’m glad I brought all the snow stuff we would need too. Boots, suits, hats, mittens…whew! They needed every bit of it too because it was really cold!

All bundled up and read to play in the snow.
brotherly cuddles
My parent's driveway and street pre-plowing. Oh look, there's the plow...
Jeremy showing the depth of the snow in the front lawn.
I was trying out a new thing with my jeans and my boots. This is me in my stylish winter pose...
Here's a shot of the side drive after the guys shoveled the driveway...

So there ya go. Don’t these pics make you wanna thank Jesus that it is spring? I will post pics soon of the new house in all it’s spring time glory. It’s pretty happy stuff. Azaleas, hydrangeas, hastas, geraniums…so happy 😀

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