Jeremy’s brother, Justin, turned the big 3-0 this February right before Valentine’s day. It was really fun for us to be available, to be home to celebrate this milestone with him. Plus, it meant that we had a reason to go out on a fun date and enjoy free babysitting!

Jeremy and I have been saying ever since he got back from Afghanistan that we really need to make date night a priority in our lives. I wish I could say we get out once a month, but it is more like once every couple of months. (However since we have been home in STL, we have done a date night at least once each month! So go us!)

Here, the Birthday Boy is licking his chops for the insane amount of meat he is being served. That's his wife, my SIL Jen to his left.

For Justin’s momentous occasion, he chose the Bacana Brazilian Steak house in Chesterfield. Now, this place doesn’t have a menu. It’s just the buffet up front and then these guys walk around the restaurant with giant spits loaded with various kinds of meat. Most of it is beef but there is some fish and chicken too.

It’s been described by my friend Kelli McGill as a “meat coma” and after eating there I have to agree. It’s a lot of meat. And I’m pretty sure that is the ONLY thing the guys ate for their meal. Just meat. Nothing else. I did sample some of the other stuff and it was good. But even with pacing myself, I think it was just way too much meat!

Happily, everything was mostly rare to medium rare. There's nothing worse than overcooked steak.
Beef being sliced
Hey, I even remembered to get a picture of us!

We had a super fun night celebrating Justin and enjoying the company of friends. Thanks for being born Justin!

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