I’m a softy as a parent. I may not sound like it sometimes, (or maybe I sound like it all the time, I dunno) but seriously, my kids know who is the push-over in this family and who is not. I appreciate the good cop, bad cop gig Jeremy and I have going. Though, it’s weird that the bad cop is so flipp’in adored (at least until blood is involved).

Why do I mention this? Because I am about to talk about the child who has me way figured out. Mr. Chasey-bud. That little stinker knows that he can unravel me at my core and make me nutso. And I know that he knows this, but I’m not sure that he knows that I know. You know?

The little boy has hit a big benchmark in his life recently; he has attained 2 years of life. With that 2 years of life there comes oh so much: potty training, end of binkie and hopefully, better eating habits. Man cannot live on PB&J Chase, I’m serious.

For Chase’s birthday this year (I’ll document it eventually), we gave him a potty chair of his very own. We have begun reading “A Potty Just for Me!” and we have begun encouraging him to sit on it before bath. At first, there was much screaming. So we let it go. We left the potty in the bathroom though. And really, who can resist a cute little frog? Doesn’t that make you want to sit your naked tookus on it?

He did eventually really enjoy sitting on this little froggy potty. He rode it like a bucking bronco through my parents living room when we were residing there and we would laugh. I mean at least he wasn’t screaming about it anymore.

Once we moved into our beloved house (I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!), we decided we would push back a bit on the potty issue. EUREKA! We had quick success! I think it was just this weekend that he actually sat on it and produced a little tinkle. We were so proud. We cheered, we danced, we hooted and hollered. Then Jeremy thought it would be good to SHOW Chase that we DUMP the tinkles into the big potty and clean the chair out when he is done. (That’s called foreshadowing peeps.)

Fast forward to today. Jeremy is working later and won’t be home till the kiddos are in bed. I’m cleaning up dinner and Chase announces to me that he has fouled his diaper. (He said it in two-year-old-ese though.) I stop cleaning the dishes to change him and find that he has done no such thing. I know I’m about to throw both boys in the bath so I just make him naked and let him run around while I finish the dishes.

As I am continuing to clean up the kitchen Chase continues to tell me he wants to go potty and take a bath. I tell him in an exasperated voice (there is much whining by this point and I’m starting to boil a bit), “Chase, if you sit on your potty chair Mommy will give you candy”. Now I’m thinking this will not work. I’m thinking he’ll sit on it and nothing will happen but hey, at least he sat on it.

Chase immediately runs into the bathroom and shuts the door. “Huh”, I think to myself and I continue to wash the dishes.

The next thing I know, the naked baby proudly comes out to me. I say, “did you go potty?” and he says “yes!”. I’m still in disbelief. I go into the bathroom and he proudly walks over to his potty and says, “I dump!” very happily. And yup, sure enough. He dumped his pee all over the floor…just like Daddy showed him we do when he goes in his potty chair.

So, final verdict? I say score one for team Good Cop, Bad Cop. Sure, I had to clean pee up all over my floor, chat about how only Mommy and Daddy clean up what goes in the potty, etc. He still got one M&M though. You should’ve seen the look of pride and joy on his face.

Me? Oh I’m thinking this potty training thing is going to be SUCH fun with him.


4 thoughts on “Tales from the Camode

  1. haha! good luck with potty training 🙂

    we have a child who sounds very much like chase…able to get me to unravel within seconds, though i must admit it’s getting better as he gets older, so hang in there…

  2. I’m RIGHT there with you, Tiff! We have that same frog potty, and we also have an adorable and crazy two-year-old who also loves to “dump” the contents of the potty. Ditto to that last sentence. Ah! Good times 🙂

  3. Girl, I wouldn’t start worrying about potty training him just yet. Let him go when he wants and sit on there periodically, but I would wait until he’s closer to three. No sense driving both of you crazy! 🙂

    1. HA! Thanks Kel! I do plan to wait until he is closer to 3, but a kid this strong willed will have to be potty trained a little early. I trained Cooper at 2 and 1/2. This is how I started, by putting his potty seat out and just casually having him go before bath etc. I’m not going hard core yet. When I do go hardcore, it’s cold turkey baby. For now, I’m trying to just foster the desire for him to go. You’re right, I don’t want to go crazy yet!

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