Wow! It’s only been two weeks since I last blogged, but that seems like an eternity. I can’t believe all that has happened. We closed on the house, cleaned and painted it, fixed a ton of stuff, moved in, lived amongst an insane amount of boxes and packing paper (and we are only just now coming out from under them), I ran a Tiffany-record-breaking 7 miles in the GO! St. Louis relay marathon and each of our nieces have had sleep overs at our new house in the midst of all that. It’s been good times!

Jeremy got our computer out of the boxes today and set us up at our new home base and I couldn’t be happier! He even built a desk for us so that it would all work! What a guy, I tell ya…

I dunno where my camera cord is (I found it recently and misplaced it again), but when I find it (again), I will post so many pictures that you might throw up. Maybe. Or you’ll be oo’ing and aaah’ing all the changes. Let’s go with that.

For those of you reading this, thanks for checking in on me. I know it’s been way too long in internet days to be off line! One day when I’m cool I’ll actually try to blog from my cell phone. (I could’ve done that actually, but even I have limits.)

P.S. And, technically, I still blog more than 90% of you people on my blog roll. You know who you are…


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