This is Tiffany Nevil reporting to you from underneath massive piles of packing paper and boxes. He he he he he he he, hi! Look, we’re alive! We moved into the new house without a hitch and things are going great! There have been a few “surprises” here and there with the house, but nothing terrible. We were buried under boxes and packing paper, but I made great progress yesterday. I got both the boys’ rooms unpacked. The kitchen is unpacked enough that we can function. But there are still 10 boxes…big ones, left to unpack.I have no idea how it’s all going to fit….

Right now, I’m actually at my Mom’s house (Thanks Mom!) doing laundry. The breaker box at the house is having an issue and the dryer won’t turn on as a result. But no one has clean pants and I’m pretty sure the general public is not ready for us to walk around with out pants. I don’t think we are interested either. So, I’m really glad my mom lives so close! Additionally, the cable guy can’t make it to the house until NEXT Wednesday. AH! I’m super glad my phone has internet access. Plus, there’s always the library (and my mom’s!)

We have had a lot of confirmation that moving home to St. Louis was the best decision for us. It’s been encouraging to see those things unfold. We are eager and excited for all that God has ahead of us. In the mean time, I hear the washer telling me it is done. Time to throw some laundry in and get the muchkin down for a nap. I might not be back until next week, so until then, keep up with our pics on facebook!


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