Hope, Deferred

Proverbs 13:12
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Boy, was Solemn ever right. On Wednesday, I had probably the best birthday ever! It was a beautiful and fun day. Jeremy took me shopping and out to lunch, my sweet Cooper was totally precious all day and made sure he bought me a gift that was just from him. We even got awesome news from our lender! Our mortgage went down several thousand dollars and a very large processing fee was waived due to some disability paperwork that went through at the VA for Jeremy. That means our monthly payment went down and our closing costs went down. WAHOO!

Until, yesterday.

Our lender called us to congratulate us on all that good stuff and then break the bad news to us: we can’t close on Friday. We have to wait until Tuesday. Whenever a change like this occurs and your loan is through the VA, you have to wait 3 more days before you can close. BOOOO to red tape!

In the grand scheme of things this is absolutely nothing. What’s a couple more days for an event as big as buying a house? It’s nill. It is a drop in the bucket. But we were SO. EXCITED.

It’s still ok. We are fine and life goes on. It could be way worse. We could’ve been denied! We could have been here and still not found a house. The house we found could’ve been blah instead of wonderful. I’m grateful, but bummed to wait. 

In an effort to perk myself up, I’m trying to think of a fun little project for myself. Make my own headboard? Create some fun things for the boys’ rooms? Hmmm!


This Week’s “Happy”

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday list. This week is bringing all sorts of fun things, so I thought I’d blog my top ten things that make me happy this week:

10. My birthday is tomorrow. Birthdays aren’t as cool as they once were, but it’s fun to feel super special for a day. Incidentally, I have 2 close friends who share my birthday. One of which shares not just my birthday, but my middle name (we were born the same year too). So Happy Birthday to Marybill Andrews and Kim McPherson Holland tomorrow too! Happy….

9. Spring has sprung in St. Louis! Everything is turning green, yellow, pink, purple and white. The birds are chirpy-cute, the sun is coming up earlier and staying up longer, the pollen is assaulting my sinuses…It’s gorgeous! My fingers are absolutely itching to do some yard work. Now, I don’t want to do your yardwork people. I want to do my own. My very own! BWA HA HA HA HA HA! (That’s my evil laugh.) My head is full of happy thoughts about my new yard. I went and took a closer look at what’s going on in the front yard. It looks like I have some azaleas, some hostas, and some sort of bushes. We’ll have to see if they get to stay. I’m thinking the bushes at least need to go. And the azaleas will probably need to be moved. Happy…

8. Due to #10, I get to go shopping tomorrow. I’m sure it is a little bit of a cop out in terms of birthday gifts. But, it’s still shopping. I can’t complain about that. My wardrobe has been Pacific Northwesternized and that doesn’t quite jive with a Midwest Summer that is fast approaching. I mean, I own 2 pairs of shorts. 2. So I believe Old Navy will be happy tomorrow too. But that still makes me happy. Happy…

7. It has been so fun to be back together with family. This may be the ramblings of a 30-something chick, but I appreciate having family around and close much more so then I did in years past. It is special to be apart of each other’s lives. Sharing in the joys and the sorrows of the people you love makes life rich and full of love. Celebrations are much less celebratory when there aren’t other people to share it with. But together, together we all make things more fun. Happy…

6. Hobby Lobby, Target and Homegoods…they are such happy places! I’ve been finding a bunch of fun and pretty things for the house. Just today I picked up a beautiful green and off-white paisley table cloth for my dining room (which is going to be green and white) at a consignment shop I’ve been meaning to check out here in St. Charles.  Just being able to dream about decorating and painting has been so much fun. I have blocked all that stuff out of my head for 4 years! Now I think about it so much that I’m telling myself I need to pull back and not to try to do everything all at once. Happy…

5. I haven’t put Cooper in any sports for various reasons up until now. He took swimming lessons for one session and he did a kiddie-gymnastics class when we first moved to WA. So I guess he has been to a few things. But I haven’t been consistent. I feel like a complete weirdo in comparison to all my friends because their children have been in some sort of sport for multiple years already. Now that we have an address (or will shortly) and we know a little more about where we will be, I decided to check out some area sports leagues for the big man. I found an introductory t-ball course through the St. Charles Parks and Rec website and I’m going to sign him up! The course isn’t a league, it’s really just teaching the kids the basic in’s and out’s of t-ball. It is required before the kids can move up to being on a team and playing games. Cooper would hate being thrown into something without knowing what to do, so I think this will be perfect for him. It doesn’t start until May, but I can’t wait! He’s going to look so stinkin’ cute…Happy.

4. This week, we go to Home Depot to purchase all our supplies for painting the house. I think I have my paint colors all nailed down. I’m wavering on just two rooms; the hall bath and the basement. I keep telling myself that if the colors don’t come out like I envision them in my head, I can always repaint. But, whew, who wants to repaint? I might have to get little samples so that I don’t paint the whole room and decide I hate it. I’m most excited about the color my bedroom will be…mmmmmmm happy…

3. We have a basketball hoop in our driveway at the new house. I love that. Maybe it’s the “Father of the Bride” movie scenes flashing through my head of a dad and child playing basketball. Of course, I change Steve Martin for Jeremy and Brad Paisley’s wife for Cooper and Chase. But, I just hope that thing gets used. All we need is a basketball…or three. Happy!

2. My kids are finally settling in. I hope that the move won’t mess things up too much. In fact, I’m praying that seeing all of our “stuff” in our new house will help the boys settle in even further. I hope it communicates to them that “this is it”. I’ve noticed the move has been hard on the boys. Cooper has been sad and Chase has been a bear. (Not that he isn’t a bear anyway.) I want them to feel safe and secure. I want them to be confident in God and in us as their parents. I want them to know everything is going to be ok. I believe it in my heart. I believe God has a plan and a purpose for us and I’m so excited to discover it together. Happy…

1. Friday, we close on the house. We take the plunge. We commit to 30 years of financial output. I’ve thought a lot about what this means for us. It means neighbors, relationships with people you could live next to for an undetermined number of years! It means endless projects. Happily for us, most of the things that need done are on the outside of the house. The inside just needs a little paint and some cleaning. But this house is going to be our kids’ boyhood home! It’s going to be the only place Chase will remember. I can’t wait to just fill that place with memories. I’m cherishing this opportunity so much. What a gift! It really is the best birthday present. Thanks honey!