Proverbs 13:12
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Boy, was Solemn ever right. On Wednesday, I had probably the best birthday ever! It was a beautiful and fun day. Jeremy took me shopping and out to lunch, my sweet Cooper was totally precious all day and made sure he bought me a gift that was just from him. We even got awesome news from our lender! Our mortgage went down several thousand dollars and a very large processing fee was waived due to some disability paperwork that went through at the VA for Jeremy. That means our monthly payment went down and our closing costs went down. WAHOO!

Until, yesterday.

Our lender called us to congratulate us on all that good stuff and then break the bad news to us: we can’t close on Friday. We have to wait until Tuesday. Whenever a change like this occurs and your loan is through the VA, you have to wait 3 more days before you can close. BOOOO to red tape!

In the grand scheme of things this is absolutely nothing. What’s a couple more days for an event as big as buying a house? It’s nill. It is a drop in the bucket. But we were SO. EXCITED.

It’s still ok. We are fine and life goes on. It could be way worse. We could’ve been denied! We could have been here and still not found a house. The house we found could’ve been blah instead of wonderful. I’m grateful, but bummed to wait. 

In an effort to perk myself up, I’m trying to think of a fun little project for myself. Make my own headboard? Create some fun things for the boys’ rooms? Hmmm!


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