This is a rough week for us. Wait, didn’t I say that on Monday? Yeah, I think I did. Well, it’s not improving. We are all still squeaking along trying to kick this sickness that has taken over our bodies, and now our hearts are mourning the loss of a dear man, Jeremy’s Great Uncle Sonny. He passed unexpectedly this morning from complications with pneumonia, a blood clot near his heart and we think his lymphoma cancer may have returned from remission.

Our hearts are sorrowful over this loss. He was a fun and hilarious man whose hospitality and love overflowed in every area of his life. The man would give you the shirt off his back, feed you and put you up any time you needed it. He was a gentle giant in the Nevil family. This weekend, we’ll be traveling to Indiana to pay our respects and be with the family. We hate for this to be the way that we all get together, but sometimes that is the way life goes.

Today, I am going to take Cooper to the doctor and hopefully that will finally kill whatever is ailing my little man.

Remember how I was talking last week about this calm before the storm? This space that we have in our life that I was wondering about? Yeah, I am SUPER grateful for all that space right now. Clearly, the Lord knew that we would need some space for all that has occurred. I am so thankful that God knows more than me. He brings me so much peace.


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