Hey peeps. Well, it was bound to happen. It’s been so long since all of us have been sick. I guess it was our time as a family. Last week, it started with Chase. Then, it moved to Cooper and now me. Jeremy is the last man standing. He always claims he has super immunity and won’t get what the rest of us have. But I think it is only a matter of time.

So, being as it is, I’m alternately napping and looking at fun decorating ideas online for the new house. If you haven’t done so yet, check out Young House Love in my blogroll. It’s fun stuff.

I’ll be back later this week.


One thought on “Sickness has Taken Over

  1. Maybe I will check it out seeing as how I can’t sleep and am blog surfing anyway! Decorating – such fun! I wish I could see all my cute decorating amidst my piles of clutter.

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