I looked at my calendar yesterday and I realized something: The next 2 weeks could be the calmest and most peaceful 2 weeks I have until August. No joke.

The next two weeks, I have little to nothing on the horizon. Then, March 25 comes, we close on the house and life get’s crazy! April is scheduled out to the max-there is the whole “moving-into-the-house” thing, Easter celebrations with family etc., Birthday parties, my Go St. Louis race. Literally every weekend in April has something scheduled. May is always crazy with Mother’s Day (the first one I’ve been in town for in 4 years!), Memorial Day and of course the ultimate, Cinco De Mayo. Hello!

In June, Jeremy will be in the exciting state of Nebraska for two weeks with his new unit for training. So far he’s way less than impressed with the National Guard. He says he didn’t think the Army could BE (Chandler reference) anymore unorganized, but noooo-ho-ho, he was wrong! I’m bummed to be without him again. Especially for two weeks. I always chastise myself for that feeling seeing that I have friends who will continue to not see their husbands for yearS at a time and some who will not see them again until Heaven. I’m grateful and trying to hold loosely.

Then the always exciting month of July comes. I’ve decided to call July the month of the Nevil’s. July has been crazy all our married lives and promises to live up to that standard this year too. 4th of July is always a good time, Cooper turns 6 (whoa.), we celebrate 9 whole years of marriage, my SIL is having a BABY (!), and oh yes, it will mark the end of summer because school starts August 7 or 8 for kids in MO.

C to the R to the A to the Z-Y!

Will life slow down after Coop starts Kindergarten? I highly doubt it.

So that little calendar exercise got me really thinking that I should cling to, embrace and deeply cherish the next two weeks. And, I’d better decide if “space” is a value in our family. I truly believe that being overly busy is not good and that as Americans, we are particularly prone to overdo everything in our life. I want to teach my kids the importance of creating space in their life; I want them to value a little thing called margin.

So,..I think I’d better continue to cherish this space I have now and start figuring out how I’ll continue to create space in our calendar in the next couple of months while still managing to have fun.


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