Update! I just got an email this morning from Payless saying that it’s BOGO time! (Buy One Get One 1/2 off) So I am TOTALLY taking my shoes back and getting some cash back. WAHOOO!

All I know about shoes is that I love them.  I admire them on others too. What Not to Wear has taught me that cute shoes can really make an outfit.

Now, if I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would go to my sophomore year of highschool and I would tell myself to take all that artistic talent and plan on being a designer…and design shoes.


Alas, instead of doing that, I must settle for loving to look at, shop for and buy shoes.  In addition to knowing little about shoes (except that I love them), I’m in the lean years of life financially. Sure, I’d love to buy my shoes at Nordy’s. (And when we lived in Seattle, I did go to The Rack often for my kids’ shoes.) There’s time for all that though. For now, I’m perfectly thrilled being a “normal” person who buys her shoes at Payless, Marshalls, Target, JCPenny, Macy’s, TJ Max, etc.

Check out these little puppies I picked up yesterday from Payless. So cute! I think they’ll be great with shorts and jean skirts this summer. I also saw these and couldn’t pass them up. Don’t you love the cute little flower on them?

I am super excited about my new shoes.

But not as excited as I am about my new house. 😀


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