Our inspection on the new house went great yesterday! Thank you to everyone who prayed for this event. There were no show stoppers with the house; meaning that all the “issues” the inspector found were mainly general home maintenance things that happen when a house has been sitting around since November unoccupied and unloved. Poor little sad house.

Now, the fun stuff begins! After the inspection we did decide that we’ll probably need to wait longer than anticipated to move in. BOOO! But there is a bit of work that the house needs done. Additionally, it’s just down right easier to paint and get things ready when the house is absent of both people and stuff. Sigh. I’m kinda sad but I know it’ll be fun. Jeremy’s National Guard weekend of duty happens to fall the weekend after we close on the house, so that doesn’t help things either. The good news? The Army will continue to hold our stuff for us and only needs 48 hours notice for the delivery of our household goods. If we get done sooner, all we have to do is call. Happy.

My brain is currently full of floaty, happy thoughts about colors and design ideas. I’m actually POURING over this great blog that my BF’s sister recommended. It’s called Young House Love and is over on my blog roll to the right. Their “mood boards” are making me so happy. And I’ve already learned a ton about how to keep good flow in the house by choosing complimentary colors, yet having enough contrast not to fall into the dreaded pit of “matchy-matchy”.

The only hang up I’m having is that our soon-to-be basement is like an old man’s heaven. It’s dark, oddly shaped, has bad lighting and wood paneling everywhere. It literally has zero windows down there. I am having trouble getting a vision for this sad room. The bright spot (for Jeremy) is that there is a dry bar down there. He’s already named it “The Pub” and intends to throw up Notre Dame paraphernalia all over it.  Babe, this is my plea: Please don’t make it tacky. Think classy. Mmmm-K?

There isn’t a good picture of the basement on my camera, so you’ll have to click this link to see it. It’s in need of some serious help. So far, the only thing I’ve decided is to paint that paneling (and there’s a chair rail too) white (or “Eggshell Cream to be exact)and then another bright color (“White Scallion” which is a bit of a sage colored green but very subtle) up top. I’m trying to brighten the room artificially here peeps. I’ll have to add splashes of color as we go. I keep thinking that once the furniture is in there, I’ll probably have way more vision for what I want. That or I’ll just spend an inordinate amount of time at HomeGoods….which is good too.

So now, we wait and we pray things continue to go well. Jeremy had a phone interview for a position this morning and felt pretty chipper about it if for no other reason than it’s great to be wanted and to have a chance to practice his interview skills. I’m proud of you babe!

..and thanks for my new house. I love it. (but mostly you)


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