Apparently, life’s journey for us is about waiting. We are going to be AWESOME waiters when we are old at this point. I do believe we shall be the most patient people ever. Maybe.

Waiting on the Lord does totally pay of though. He is very faithful! In fact, last night, He answered our prayers for an additional vehicle. HURRAY for transportation!! We bought a 1999, 5-speed (FUN!) Volkswagon Jetta. I love to drive 5 speeds…It makes me feel like a race car driver.  It’s white, has 4 doors, sunroof, heated leather seats. MMmmmmm….I’m so excited about tooshie warmers too. Well, for winter anyway. I dunno about this summer. 😀 Though that leather will definitely warm some tooshies with no help needed from gadgets on the car!

We got a good deal on the car and now just have the joy of paying taxes on it, getting it tagged, inspected etc. I should be mobile by next week. Hallelujah! Now we need to get the Nissan repaired. Something happened on our long drive and we aren’t sure what, but it’s driving a bit rough.

Today is the cut off on our potential new house contract that we offered. We asked for a response by 5:00 pm tonight. If they say no, that’s ok, we’ll just move on in faith that God was protecting us from something. If they say yes, then great! We can start moving on all that fun stuff.

All this stuff makes me think that it is tough to be a grown up. It’s so involved. We spend a good portion of our childhood thinking that we can’t wait to be grown ups and then we spend the rest of our grown up days wishing we could go back to being careless kids. It would be fun to experience a total melt down because my mom told me I can’t have anymore juice. Sigh. Guess we should practice being patient AND satisfied huh? As I write those words, all sorts of Scripture pops into my head affirming me! HA!

Oh by the way, Jeremy did great on Valentine’s day. He surprised me with beautiful yellow roses! Then we went on a hot date to Lowes’ and walked around dreaming for 2 hours without our kids while we sipped on some coffee. It was  a hot date I tell you. We even left with paint samples.

That’s the latest on the Nevil clan. Check back tomorrow and I’ll let ya know what we heard! If you think of it, say a little prayer for us!


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