Is it just me, or does it seem like only guys complain about Valentine’s Day? I mean, complaining as if they think the occasion (it’s not a holiday if you don’t get off work) should be banned. Now, that would be ok if the only argument was financial. I agree that the day costs some serious dough for a lot of people. (Guys are not the only ones who buy stuff you know!) But I think that guys should get the hint if their wives LIKE Valentines day.

Walk with me here….

If you are married to a person who LOVES Valentines day, then maybe they are trying to tell you something. I’m just saying. I’m an old married lady. I have been telling the love of my life that a little romance would be nice a little more often for about 6 years. That information is widely available to guys. Now, if you are Peter Johnson, this doesn’t apply to you. In fact, you suck and you make all sorts of guys look terrible in comparison. Stop being so darn great to your wife or at least put on a class for all our husbands, ok?

Anyway, Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal. It’s love that’s a big deal. It’s a little extra effort. Just a little. It doesn’t have to be dinner, a movie, a new watch, flowers, chocolate and then,…you know. It could be flowers, a HOME MADE dinner and just talking and then…you know. But bottom line, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to love. That’s a good thing. Even if all the other stuff is dumb.

So, if you are going to boycott V-day, boycott it by sending a charity some extra cash and give the love of your life a back rub. Anything else I can’t be held responsible for. đŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Great speech there. I think many men could benefit from a Peter Johnson “how to the best throwing party, surprise, gift-giving husband ever” conference! I’d even buy Travis tickets:)

  2. Tiff,
    What an honor to be told I suck over the world wide web, at least under these conditions! You’ll have to ask Abby about this Valentines day, though. 1) I blew the surprise and she found a give away clue last night and 2) I broke one of the basic valentine rules by getting…GASP…an appliance. I’m slipping in my old age.
    And Crystal, I do put on a class. It’s an intense two week husband only course in Whistler for a bargain basement $5000. We can start next week and cash is fine.
    So, did you guys buy a house and a broke down Saab, or what?

    1. Well, really it was telling you that you don’t suck. But yes! We put an offer on that house and we should know by today whether they liked it or not. And we didn’t buy a saab….we bought a volkswagon jetta. đŸ˜€ and a five speed at that! So, do we have to wait for the blog to know what appliance you bought her?

  3. Whoa, hope you have a good VDay planned this year Jeremy!

    I think Crystal and I should start saving for that Peter Johnson class right away, but 2 weeks may not be enough time for me to really learn what he has to teach…

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