Today is February 9 and to me, January 1 seems like it was eons ago! I made some New Year’s resolutions this year (ones that will stretch me) and actually wrote them in my journal so I wouldn’t forget them. One of the things I wrote in my “fun stuff I want to do” category was continue to sign up for races. I’m not exactly a “good” runner. But I figure the only way to get better is uh, to do it. (Genius, right?)

The next step in that process is to tell your friends who really do run that you’ve committed to this so that they bug you to run with them. This works. In fact, it works so well that my BF Amy got me signed up for a race that will be on April 10! It’s called the “GO! St. Louis” race. It’s actually a marathon, but me and some other girls (3 actually) will be running it as a relay. Each leg of the race will be a little more than 6 miles for each of us to run.

Yesterday, I hopped on the treadmill here at the ‘rents house and attempted to run a mile (without stopping) just to gage my timing, how I felt etc.. It took me 17 flippin’ minutes! UGH! I thought for sure the longest it would take me was 12. Um…no. Normally this would mortify me and I wouldn’t broadcast this information to the world. But I’ve got to get better! I mean, at least a 10 minute mile pace would be good in comparison to what I ran yesterday.

Honestly, I’m proud just to be attempting these sort of things. It’s a big deal to me to put money down and be on a team of svelt girls knowing I’m the “worst” runner of the bunch. One of the girls on the team is a model and the other two are tall, blonde and slim. At least I  hang out with good looking ladies? However, I’m doing this for me and because it is the only way to motivate my lazy self! This is mentally and physically challenging for me, but I’m looking forward to how great I’ll feel on April 11 th. 😀





One thought on ““Go! St. Louis” and Go Me!

  1. I am with you girl! I hate running so very much, but I really want to like it. I get so frustrated when it’s so hard but I finally realized I needed to give myself a break. It’s okay if I run it slow, I just want to finish it. If I release myself from expectations, I think I’ll be less miserable. 🙂

    That said, I don’t want to be running all day so, yeah, I’m aiming for a decent time. Love ya!

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