Two years ago today, we welcomed into the world a perfectly adorable and beautiful baby boy. I’m so sad that my pictures are all stored away right now. When I close my eyes, I can see his precious and angelic face the day he was born. He was so gorgeous. I never could stop kissing you, my dear. Still can’t.  He had the greatest mouth and his hair was so dark. When I touched his hair for the first time, it felt like silk.

There is no greater gift than watching your child grow into their personality and thinking about how that compares to what it was when they were first born. When Chase first came out of me, he let out a scream that Jeremy and I both laughed at.Our response was “whoa, and we thought Cooper was loud!”. This child had the loudest cry right from the start. In the days that followed, we learned that he had quite a temper too. He has been a challenging child for me to figure out. So many times I’ve looked at him as he desperately tried to tell me how upset he was about something and all I could say was, “I just don’t know what you want!”.

Two years have passed and Jeremy and I think we finally “get” him. He’s passionate.  He’s expressive and full of life. The whole family knows that when Chase is happy, he is a joy and a laugh to have around. But watch out for him when he is mad!

Last night I mentioned to Jeremy how funny it is to me that he never goes down without a fight. Jeremy’s response? “Yeah, but I kinda like that about him”.

Chase, your big personality has made us look at you with wonder and awe. I am so curious to see how you grow and mature into yourself and into the little person God created you to be. You have challenged me and frustrated me with your loud and expressive moments. You have melted my heart and made my knees weak with your sweetness and your affection. Yesterday in the car, you said of your own volition and unprompted, “Mommyyy! I yove youuuuuuuu”!”. It was a full and complete sentence out of the blue that made me melt into the front seat of the car. Your sparkling eyes are so beautiful to me.

Chase, ready for some serious playtime in the snow.

We can’t wait to see what God has for sweet Chase. Whatever the case, power and love will go with this child. We love you beautiful boy! Happy Birthday!


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