At 8:30 pm on Saturday night, the Nevil’s 800lb-filled Nissan pulled into good ol’ St. Chuck, Missouri. We were tired and so excited none of us could stand it! The road trip was good; it had fun parts and really boring parts. The kiddos did very well though. I was sure that by day 3 we wouldn’t be able to get Chase into the car. But every morning he said to us “BYE BYE!!!” almost as soon as he woke up. I’m glad he likes to go places.

We have a lot of pictures but we aren’t set up to upload them just yet.  (We are trying to find our camera cords…) We are attempting to get settled. We keep having to tell ourselves a couple of things:
1. We live here now
2. We have only been here 3 days

That  may sound funny, but to us we FEEL like we’ve been here much longer. I’m sure it is because we are “home”. My parents  have been ever so gracious as to put us up while we try to figure out what we can afford in terms of a house. Jeremy will be working at Sprint and we just got word this morning on his salary; it’s not enough. 😦  But again, we live here now and we’ve only been here 3 days. A lot could still change. Well, I take that back, we NEED a lot to change.

In the meantime, we’ll be living in limbo. We feel used to that with how much our lives have been ever-changing the last 4 years. If anything, God has prepared us to be good waiters. 😀 So, we wait! We wait on Him in eager expectation for His good plans that He has for us. He hasn’t revealed them to us just yet, so we wait.

Thanks for all your prayers throughout our journey for safety! Our car carried us very well. We got amazing gas mileage all the way here and the car never had a single problem. The kids were excellent for all that we asked of them each day. Thanks to the Tillman’s for putting us up for a few days and letting us hang out in the winter wonderland of Le Mars! I will try to update much more as we go along. I am so eager to establish a routine again!


3 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  1. Hi to you mid westerners!!! YAY!! So glad you are safely back in Missouri with family! Praying for God to reveal the plans he has for your family very soon! 🙂 Love to you all and welcome home!
    The OT and fam

  2. Hurrah! Welcome home! So excited to see you guys, and praying for God’s direction and peace as He continues to guide your steps.

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