What? You’ve never heard of the thriving metropolis that is Le Mars? Huh…weird. Well, it is about a half hours drive from Sioux City. There is a ton of snow out here!

We are hanging for a day with our good friends the Tillman’s. We’re about to head out to Bob’s for lunch. Apparently they are famous for great hot dogs and chicken sandwiches. YUM!

We are planning on heading to the Lou tomorrow morning. It should be a 9 hour drive. That totally stinks…but then we’ll be done driving! YAY! So we’ll probably take it slow and drag it out with some stops.

I must stop todo say that I can’t decide which is better; driving like crazy, ignoring the children as they cry about being hungry and we push snacks at them all for the sake of getting there quickly or driving and stopping all along the way and taking longer to get there for the sake of happy children.  I dunno. I think that’s a man/woman thing.

Ok, Bob’s Hot Dog’s is calling us. Off we go. Pictures later….once we arrive. 😀

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