Today was an emotionally rough and busy day. It was the end of some things and the beginning of others. I cried A LOT today.

This morning, I said good bye to my best friend, Crystal.  She has been such a fun and challenging addition to my life for four years. I’ve learned a lot from her. Our families have lived, laughed and loved together through all sorts of ups and downs. We’ve weathered a lot of storms. I know God will help us to weather this one too. It’s just going to be different. And for now, that makes the both of us pretty sad. BOOOO!

Let’s see, I want to tell you guys other stuff about today too.  We made it to back to Ft. Lewis with our car jam packed full of stuff. I’m not kidding in the least when I say that there is zero room in our Nissan. To help articulate my point further I’ll tell you that when Jeremy had the car weighed last week with barely any gas and nothing additional in the car it was 4,000 lbs. When we went today and weighed it with a full tank of gas and all our stuff in it, it weighed 4, 800 something lbs. Yes. I’m not kidding!

I’m a little bugged by how full the car is; it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Just wait until you see the pictures…it’s nuts I tell you! But I’m hoping we’ll sort of adjust along the way and figure out how to make it work.

We cleared housing all by our sweet selves today. I was so happy because there is this assumption in the military that it is really hard to clear housing. That the people who manage on post housing are really knit-picky and look for any reason to charge you an arm and a leg on your way out. Housing did give us a check list of what they expected to be cleaned and they gave us a list of approved house cleaning companies we could hire for around $250 bucks. However, I’m a clean freak and I know I can do an awesome job all by my lonesome (well, with Jer) and save us all that cash.

We met the guy at the house today and when it was all said and done he thanked us for how well we had cared for our home over the past 4 years, he remarked how clean the place was and what a good job we did and he said he wished more people like us lived in that neighborhood.  He wrote on all our paperwork “easy” so that the maintenance crew would know they could turn the house around quickly. I felt so proud!

Sure, we still got a $25.00 fee for a hole that was bigger than a dime in one of the walls.  But that was because we learned the hard way not to dig out mollys from plaster wall. Whoops….

After all that, we had the boys walk through the house one more time and say goodbye. It was pretty bitter sweet! Cooper cried and Chase just laughed and said “HOUSE!!!”

We pulled away and then ran by a friend’s house to say one last goodbye. Then we topped off our fluids in the car and were off. It was so weird driving away from Ft. Lewis. I keep trying to hold in all I see. It’s so beautiful here.

The drive to Portland today was quick and I am really grateful. Tomorrow is a long travel day for us. It should take us around 12 hours to get to Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m praying the boys handle the long day as well as a 2 and 5 year old can handle such a long day in the car.  Especially a car that is as jam packed as ours is.

Well, I need to sign off.  The boys are sharing a queen size bed tonight for the first time and so far, it is not going well. They’ve been in bed an hour and they are still talking to me. It feels so wrong to go to bed at 9:15 pm…but hey, 12 hours of driving tomorrow…not to mention breakfast and reloading the car. WHEW! Glad I have my Jane Austen book with me. 😀

Oh but wait, one more thing. Thanks to the Johnson family, the Schock family and the Metcalfe family for throwing us that super fun goodbye party last week! We have felt so lovingly sent off. You guys could have said, “don’t let the door hit ya in the bootie on the way out,” but you didn’t. You loved us and let us know it. Thank you. It touched our hearts deeply.

And Renovo, oh man, we love you guys and can’t wait to see what God does with you little church. Thanks for the blessing and send off this past Sunday. We were totally surprised by it and so very grateful for the chance to reflect on all God has done. He is so good!

P.S. Tonight, Cooper said what all children eventually say, “Are we there yet?”. Jeremy and I cracked up laughing. I mean seriously, 2 hours in the car? Oh what tomorrow holds!


4 thoughts on “Hello from Portland, OR!

  1. You said we made it back to Ft Lewis and I was thinking St. Louis and was so confused for so long, I think I read it 4 times till it finally clicked that you didn’t make extremely good time driving home – I just can’t read. I miss you already!


    Mama to Jasper: Who loves you the most?
    Jasper: Cooper does!

    I didn’t really have the heart to tell him we prob won’t see you guys for a really long time.

    1. That’s too funny because as we were driving we were jokingly saying “Coopah!” and talking about Jasper and how cute he is! We should be in St. Louis by Saturday night. We’re taking a break to hang with some friends today. 😀 Miss you guys and love you!

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