I am so excited for the next chapter of our lives! This new year could bring so much for us. It’s all open and mysterious ahead!  I’ve been praying that God would give us a new mission and ministry in St. Louis. One that will mesh with the path He has had us on spiritually since we came to Washington.

Tonight, while doing some research on churches in the area, I found a church that sounds very similar to our church here, Renovo. I was thrilled to read about it and see that they are close to where we are thinking we will be living. I can’t wait to see what God does with us, I can’t wait to meet some new people and rekindle our relationships with people we’ve known for a long time. I’m just excited! I feel eager and full of hopes and dreams.

This weekend, I took some time to bring my hopes and dreams to my Heavenly Father. I wrote down 3 New Year’s resolutions, a list of prayers and supplications for our future, and then I made a list of fun dreams, activities and hopes I have for our family.  My goal is to look at these each month and cross off items on the list giving thanks to God for His faithfulness and love to us.

This week I’ll be pretty busy preparing for our big move. We leave next Monday the 10th to start our journey home. I’ve already booked the first hotel of our trip. 😀 This Monday I’ll start to pack suitcases and finish lingering laundry. Then Tuesday is the crazy day before it all begins. Wednesday the movers come to pack us. Friday they load the truck and drive away.

We are richly blessed to have some amazing friends, the Holland-McPhearsons and the Metcalfes, who are allowing us to disrupt their world this coming week and weekend.  The H&M’s (as we refer to them) are watching our boys for us on Wednesday and Thursday and the Metcalfes are helping us on Friday and through the weekend as we stay with them. I can’t complain about shacking up with our best friends for a whole weekend though! My heart is so full, so grateful and so….excited!


Nevil Family in 2011

Please pray for us the next few weeks. I’ll be putting updates on facebook as I can. I don’t know what we’ll have time or access to otherwise in that time.

Please pray for:

  • Safe travels; for our car to make the long trip well without any issues and for all of us to remain healthy
  • For our boys to feel safe, secure and happy despite that their home is being uplifted, packed up and taken away. That they adjust well because we are all together.
  • For finance to hook us up with the extra cash we’ll need for the journey (they compensate us a little for our move upfront). 5 days of hotels and meals is a bit beyond the average budget for us!
  • For Jeremy’s job to be ready for him to start as soon as possible. We won’t last very long without income!
  • For Jeremy’s salary at the job to be enough for us to buy a house and keep me home with the boys.

I feel a great peace settling over my heart this past two weeks. I’m praying that peace continues to surpass my understanding no matter what circumstances come our way. I believe that things will come together and that God is just as excited as we are to set us on a new journey. Thanks for joining us and praying with us as we go! Good bye Army!

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