Christmas was Most Wonderful!

My entire house has been de-Christmased for 24 hours now. But the fun that was had and the joy of the season is still super fresh. We had so much fun!

My parents got into town last Wednesday in the late afternoon.

Cooper was so excited to see them drive up that he sat outside waiting for them. Sorry for the blurriness.
Chase waited by the back door and was very excited too, though I don't know if he understood why there was such excitement.

Jeremy and I ate dinner with them and then rushed out to a small group conglomerate party from our church, Renovo, sans children! It was so great to just be there and not worry about the kids. They enjoyed some fun times with Gma and Papa and we enjoyed time to talk in the car uninterrupted. It was HEAVEN!

We went shopping for some last minute items here and there the rest of the week. On Thursday night, we went to Bellevue to witness the Snowflake Lane parade and festivities at the Square. That was super fun! Every night at 7:00 pm at Bellevue Square, it “snows” and there are people dressed up like little toy drummer boys and girls. There are purple sugar plum fairies and church mice roaming about as well. I believe Chase had the opportunity of being totally terrified by a person dressed in a polar bear costume who tried to give him a high five. It was hilarious! Are we the only parents who think it is tremendously funny when that kind of stuff freaks our kids out?

For some reason I can’t find the pictures of that night, so you’ll just have to trust me. But the “snow” was really fun and maybe one of the best parts. It was really just foamy bubbles, but what a cute idea. Cooper was laughing hysterically at the scenes.

Christmas Eve we tried something new that I have to think about some more before we decide to repeat it; we watched the Nativity Story movie with the kiddos. I wasn’t totally sure about it because there are some rough scenes in the beginning. There’s no blood or anything like that, but hey, the story of Jesus’s birth really is scandalous and has some sad and violent parts to it.  The movie didn’t leave out the part where Herod had all the male babies in Bethlehem killed. We tried to explain things to Cooper and just move on. I think it helped him get a picture of all that really went on and the depth of the story. We also did a thing we do just for fun…we had Coop leave treats for Santa.

For the record, we’ve told Cooper who the real Saint Nicholas was and we let him be imaginative and fun with the rest. We don’t make a big deal of it and he thinks it’s just an extra piece of Christmas fun. So do we.

Posing next to the note he wrote.

Christmas morning, we tortured my parents with our traditions. (Which was great fun because I think they were more excited than even we were!) We all got up and said Merry Christmas to each other, got some coffee and popped our traditional home-made cinnamon rolls in the oven. While they cooked, we read the story of Jesus’s birth from the Bible and prayed.

Reading the account of Jesus's birth

When the cinnamon rolls were done, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, blew out the candles and dug in.

Hurray for cinnamon rolls!

I think my parents could hardly stand it. Finally, we finished with all that stuff and dove into the stockings and presents.

The scene Christmas morning
Chase playing with his new toy grill


Cooper playing with his remote controlled race car

We left some toys out for the boys so that they’d have something to play with while we all took turns watching each other open something. We were all showered with presents. Jeremy got a movie-theater popcorn maker! We got some sanity for our drive to St. Louis in the form of a portable dvd player with 2 screens for the car. We even got a wii! I can’t wait to get Zumba for it because I’ve heard it is a blast!

All in all, it was great fun to be together and enjoy a fun and quiet Christmas morning. The boys are so cute and funny. Kids really do make Christmas even more fun and magical. They are so precious!

Not Yet…

We are still enjoying our family in town, so no real blog post yet. But soon. We had a great Christmas! In fact, we are about to go enjoy one of our favorite gifts, a wii! I’ll be back with pictures and fun updates later this week.

In the mean time, hope your Christmas was great too! St. Louis peeps, I’m jealous of your snow. 😀