Next Wednesday, the movers come to our house and pack up all that we have. My Mom and I de-Christmased the house on Tuesday in an effort to get a head start on having the house organized for packing. I know they’ll do it all for us, but I want everything in the house to be in it’s proper place so that things make sense when we are unpacking in a few months.

This week Jeremy put a bunch of our stuff on Craigslist to help with the cleaning out of the garage. The assessor who came on Tuesday estimates we have 10,000 lbs worth of stuff! Again, I’m glad I’m not packing it this time around.

On another note, 2 of my favorite houses for sale in St. Louis that I’ve been watching sold this week. BOOOOOO! I know God will provide. I know it’ll work out and all that jazz. I was just bummed to see them go before we get into town. I really wanted to walk through them at least! My Mom says I torture myself by looking and rechecking their status all the time. But I don’t feel yucky about it. It’s actually been a fun thing to divert my thoughts while time has slowly ticked away. It’s always fun to see the price continue to go down too. It’s like shopping without buying anything. 😀 I’m one of those weird people who can do that. I browse, I peruse…

I’m afraid my blog will be pretty boring and quiet for longer stints very soon!We will have our internet and cable turned of next week. We plan to be in the house until Friday when they load all our stuff. The assessor told us the packers will leave our beds unpacked until the very last day since it will take them 2 days to pack us and 1 day to load us. We can’t leave Ft. Lewis until Jeremy signs his paperwork and we do the final walk through of the house, so it looks like that will be on the 11th.

We’ve been trying to prepare Cooper for the reality of all that is about to happen. We’ve talked about it so non-chalantly for so long that I don’t think he can feel the weight of it. I’m glad for that but to some degree I don’t want him to be super surprised when he asks to go back to his home in WA and we have to remind him we don’t have one anymore. 😦 It’s so sad!

In fact, all of this is such a mixture of emotions. I am happy and sad, I am excited and afraid, I am hopeful and anxious and nervous about how everything will work out. It’s hard to have so many different conflicting emotions come at you all at once. I want to go around the house and take some pictures and video so that I remember all the special memories this little house holds. I’m sad to think that my children might not remember this place and the special people we have known and loved here. I hope I do a good job of reminding them of all the sweet times we had here. And I am excited to come back! Washington has a way of getting into people’s hearts.

Well, there is so much to do. The New Year for the Nevil’s brings so much that is indeed “new”. We only have glimpses of what is ahead. God can do whatever He wants with us. We are ready and eager to grow and to learn and to continue to love. I can’t wait to see what He does with the Nevil’s! Happy New Year to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “The Journey and Season Ahead

  1. hey tiff…just know that i will be praying for you lots! i know all of the emotions you’re talking about…i’m at the tail end of them. 🙂 when we were staying at my parents’ and didn’t know when this house was going to come through…or if ever, there were times i really wondered what in the world we were doing. homeless and no end in sight. we just kept saying to ourselves…God has never led us down a wrong path in the past and He won’t leave us hanging now. He certainly didn’t. we know he’s faithful, but the waiting is the hard part. know that i’m praying and am so looking forward to hearing all the amazing things God has ahead for you!! …including pics of that special house you’ll have someday soon! 🙂 sending a hug!!!

    1. Thank you Christina! That is such comfort to my heart. Jeremy and I have said that same thing over and over to ourselves and have even been reminding each other of ALL the ways God got us through. The waiting is definitely the hard part. Thanks for your prayers friend! Much love,

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