I arose from the ashes today! Well, maybe more like from the bathroom floor. Food poisoning really sucks.

Annual Christmas Date Night!!

I am OFFICIALLY calling it that because of the quickness with which it came on after I ate and because the kids are fine.  Date night was still super fun and worth it though.

I thus used my energy today to go to the grocery store and clean the house. Especially the bathrooms! Though, it is hard to shop for groceries when you are kinda queasy.

I am ready for Christmas (save for a few stocking stuffers), but at the same time, I can’t believe that it is THIS SATURDAY! My parents are joining us tomorrow for the holiday and I’m thrilled to have them here in town. Some how having my Mom around always seems to organize my thoughts and help me focus. We have SO MUCH that is ABOUT to happen. It’s all hanging by threads right now it seems. But soon enough it’ll be super real! (Jeremy still does not have his orders. No good.)

I’ve spent my time dreamily gazing at houses on line. I have found a few that I am totally in love with and would LOVE to own! I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much though. We could have to rent for a few months, you never know. But wow, have you SEEN how great the prices are?! It’s crazy!

The house I’m in love with right now is listed for $134,900!!! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and one half bath, a 2-car garage, a giant fenced back yard and is in a great neighborhood. It has everything I want and like and it just makes me so excited to look at it and think, “hmmmm…what flowers would look pretty right there?”.


Anyway, back to reality. Or at least, reality for today! I am happy for all the fun that will occur over the next few days.

Excited for Christmas Day

I don’t think my eldest could be any more excited for Christmas to be this weekend. The combination of his grandparents being here and Christmas day has made him act like a soda bottle that has been vigorously shaken and is about to explode! He is running all over the house, singing, jumping and just being hilarious.

Baking Extravaganza a few weeks ago

We’ve eaten all our cookies and other treats we made and that’s just no good. So the rest of the week I believe there will be a lot of cooking and baking going on in the Nevil kitchen. I think Grandma can roll those perfect sugar cookies this time. 😀


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