10. I love the spontaneity that people possess all month long. Time becomes a precious commodity once December hits and we all try to cram in as much as possible. Some pretty awesome memories get made when you can just say, “sure, why not?” and go do something like make Gingerbread Houses or go Christmas caroling or drive through to look at millions of Christmas lights by the car full.

9. Decorations on EVERYTHING. Cups, tables, ceilings, stair banisters, mirrors, bathrooms, towels, napkins, plates, doors, houses, sidewalks, light posts, windows and even boats. You name it, it’s got a decoration on it. I love that!

8. Making treats and giving them away. It’s fun to make them. It’s fun to decorate them. It’s fun to eat them. But it’s even more fun to give them away and get them out of my house. All the fun, less of the calories.

7. Starbucks limited edition flavors. ‘Nuf said.

6. You’re SUPPOSED to go shopping. It’s expected. Often.

5. Parties. I love a good Christmas party. Ugly sweaters, ridiculous white elephant gift exchanges (and the opportunity to re-gift it for the next party you’ve been invited to), goofy games and yummy treats. I love seeing kids hyped up on sugar running through a house laughing hysterically while all the parents either ignore them or say something like “Be CAREFUL!” or “SLOW DOWN!”.

4.  Christmas songs, carols, hymns and music and the random times and places people will sing them. Oh what joy I’ve had teaching Cooper the words and hearing him mess them up. There’s nothing cuter! The songs always remind me of how powerful worship is to focus our hearts on Christ and on the tremendous gift the Father sent us despite our deep depravity.

3. Wrapping presents. I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but I would LOVE to work at Macy’s or Nordy’s or some place that provides fancy gift wrap services at Christmas time. I love to wrap presents. I love to make the box look as beautiful as possible. It’s so fun!

2. Mistletoe!

1. Talking to my kids about the miracle of Christ’s birth.  Chase does not get it at all. He can’t even say “Jesus” yet. (Though he does say Amen with gusto…which sounds like “MAYMEN!”) But Cooper, he gets it. I love all his questions and I love talking with him about what the answers might be, what they are and how to discover them ourselves without just guessing. I love hearing him repeat the things he learns to others. I love the awe and the wonder that Christmas holds for him. It is contagious and it reminds me of all that is pure and holy.

What do you love about Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Things I Love About Christmas

  1. I love the sounds and smells and…just everything. It’s such a precious time of year. I can’t wait to see you guys! We’re praying that everything comes together for you!

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