Today has been such a great day for me that I had to blog about it! Don’t hate me though. I’m learning that it’s too easy to complain about bad days and much more fun to celebrate the good ones.

This morning I woke up to my husband kissing me good bye at 5 am. It scared the bejesus out of me though! I think I had it in my mind that I didn’t want to be late to MOPS today and that’s what made me jump. But, then I got to go back to sleep. How great is it to wake up and know you get to sleep for 2 whole more hours? That’s pretty great in my book.

I did wake up at 7 am to my little guy’s siren song of “Mooooooooommmmmmiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee! Are you?” (Instead of asking WHERE are you, Chase just asks ARE you? It’s adorable.) I hesitated and just laid there soaking up the cuteness only to see and hear the hubbs go in and get the baby and thus take him downstairs. AWESOME! I laid in bed for 30 more minutes. Double awesome.

Then, I heard him unloading the dishwasher AND feeding said child. Again, totally awesome. I told you it was a good day! I meandered downstairs where the hubbs proceeded to pour me a cup of coffee. This is like talking dirty isn’t it?

Anyway, I then got to cuddle on the couch with both of my sleepy and messy haired babies this morning while drinking my coffee and watching Elmo talk about noses on Sesame Street. #2 tried to pick my nose and that was pretty much my cue to go get ready for the day. I took a shower and the children did not cry, scream, argue, break or spill anything. FABULOUS! Then, the hubbs got dressed and helped both the children get dressed while I put myself together. Is this heaven?

Did I mention that he took the trash to the curb and prepared a lunch for #1 (he has school directly after MOPS so he eats there while we clean up)?  The hubbs continued on his winning streak by loading the children and all paraphenalia into the car where he then drove us to said MOPS meeting, carried the children into the meeting for me and thus kissed me good bye with the promise to be back to pick me up. Um, I feel like Cinderella.

I happily fluttered through MOPS. What’s better than seeing your girlfriends, getting yummy snacks and presents?

But, there was still one thing that could go wrong. Yes, one little person could break the whole happy bubble of a morning.

#2 is that child who makes the MOPPETS volunteers fake smile and cringe a little when they see us approaching. Oh yes. He is the child they see and take a deep, heaving, reluctant sigh as they begrudgingly reach their arms out to receive said crying and shrieking child as I peel him away from my person. I smile. I smile really, really big. And I say thank you. And then I run away.

Now, I asked #2 this morning (because he was in such a truly delightful mood when he woke up) “are you going to have fun in your class at MOPS today with all your little friends?” to which he responded a clear, firm and articulate “NO” and shook his head. At least he’s honest.

As I was walking him to class, I happened to look up in the window and catch a glimpse of one of the teachers. We met eyes and the fake smile crept across her face. She waved at us. I opened the door and the other teacher was less skilled at hiding her disappointment. She asked if they had my cell phone number and if I would keep it on. I smiled. I smiled BIG and said “yes and I will pick up if you call”.

I walked away to shrieks and screams as if the child were being water boarded. Those poor women.

The meeting went on and was wonderful. There were presents and food and happy conversations and crafts!


We made button rings! So cute!

I mentioned to my friends the possibility of the greatest day being shut down by my munchkin. They laughed and smiled and we all told similar horror stories. Ahhh…I love other mommies.

Then, the MOPPETS coordinator, my friend Stephanie, walked in and we met eyes. I could tell she was looking for me. Mmmm hmmmm…But then, oh what a day! She tells me that she has moved my distraught child to a different classroom. A classroom with less children who are a bit older than him with teachers who have a little more um, grace for a banshee. Loe and behold, the child was HAPPY! She told me he was playing, that no one was holding him and he did not express ANY interest in needing to be held. He was content. There was no screaming. His teachers LIKE HIM!


Glory to God in the highest!


Wait! It gets better! I won money! Ok, no I didn’t. I’m just playing. But Steph did tell me that we can just leave him in the new class from  now on since he is so much happier there. Do people know what joy can be unleashed in a woman’s heart when her children are happy WHILE they are away from her? Bliss I tell you!

The meeting ended and I went to pick up #2 first. (It should be known that #1 is almost always happy and delighted to be with other children and away from me. In a good way.) As I approached, I did not hear any screaming. I peaked around the doorway slowly and saw him cheerfully engrossed with a toy and his buddy Peyton. In fact, most of the children in that class turned out to be kids he knows. They are all older, but I can’t say I’m surprised that he prefers an older crowd being that he always has his big brother around.

I called to him and he looked up and ran over with a big smile on his face. His teachers remarked on how ADORABLE he is, and he acted all shy and cute for them. If I could have danced and made sparkles come out of my fingers at that moment, I totally would have.

We went to pick up big brother (who was happy as always), we cleaned up while waiting for the hubbs and then walked out to the car together. Ahhh…what a great day.

#1 was happily dropped off at school, #2 requested to go straight to bed when we got home and the hubbs and I ate lunch, alone, together.

Seriously? What a great day.

Then I ate a chocolate truffle and the day was perfect.

The End.


3 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. Sounds like a GREAT Day!!!!! Pretty great guy you’ve got there, too! I was going to say, “who is that man you’ve got in your house and what did you do with my son”, then I thought, awwwww he’s all grown up! Gotta love it!

  2. P.S. all I’ve got to say about #2 is that he is too adorable for anyone to show their disappointment to….o.k. so he screams, but he’s SOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!…Steph was pretty smart moving him to an older class….that’s who he is used to!

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