Jeremy and I have learned over the past 4 years that when you are an Enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army, it can be tough to make plans. Your time is not your own. Because of this, we all have learned to be a flexible family. We can respond to a situation with only a few moments notice. We may not look like a million bucks, but we’ll be there!

However, it is so tough to live your life that way for long. Contingency plans are the name of the game whenever I attempt to make any sort of plans fun or otherwise. I have to figure multiple scenarios so that I am ready for whatever happens. Can I tell you how eager I am to be able to make some real plans?

Right now, I don’t think we can call our “plan” for our move a plan, I think we have to call it a best-guess estimation.

The job hunt has been tough for Jeremy. Mostly because we live on the west coast and he’s looking for something in the mid-west. Jeremy has worked the “ins” people have sent his way, but nothing has panned out. It just seems to fizzle every time. Cold blasting resumes isn’t exactly productive either.

As a result, we decided to run with plan “B”. We really didn’t think that was the way we wanted to go. In fact, if it’s been a while since you’ve talked with us this could surprise you. It really wasn’t our intent to go this route. But hey, that’s why you have a plan B.

Plan B is for Jeremy to return to work at Sprint. Due to a congressional act (those are usually a pretty good thing we’ve found), Sprint is legally obligated to give Jeremy his job back. Not only that, but they have to consider the career track he was on when he worked there previously (he was moving on to Associate Manager), and they have to figure in inflation and any possible other promotions he would have received. They can’t try and do something yucky either; no entry level job in a terrible location. They have to give him a position that is equal or higher than he was in when he joined the Army and they have to retain him for one year.

Jeremy did all his homework researching the congressional act, he knows his rights. He’s talked to corporate and human resources at Sprint and they have assured him that he will have a position when we move home. The gentleman that Jeremy spoke with wasn’t defensive or rude, he was very helpful and upbeat in fact. However, the drawback is that due to the craziness of December/Christmas season and end-of-year stuff, they “are not able” to tell him what is available until the first of the year.


Jeremy was told that when he gets into town, he can contact the district manager and start the process of getting into a position. Yay for a job and eventual income, boo for having to wait longer than we were hoping to wait. And boo for having NO IDEA how much money Jeremy will be making. Sure, we can guesstimate based off of what he was making 4+ years ago,  but that’s not a guarantee. I would like to continue to stay home with the boys, but we don’t know if that will happen either.

This means we are moving to St. Louis with the promise of one job, but no idea how much of a salary we’ll have to work with, no idea when he’ll start (though, they can’t legally drag their feet either) and no place to live.  S-C-A-R-Y! My parents have graciously said they would take us in while we figure that part out. Thanks Mom!

I have had a difficult time with all this stuff emotionally and even spiritually. I mean, if a move isn’t stressful enough, all these other factors that enter in just add to the base line. I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer and I know I’ll continue to need to rely on the Lord if I’m going to get through this challenging time of transition in a calm and collected way. It’s meant lost sleep, terrible dreams and a lot of time on my knees.

Intermingled with all that stress are my feminine dreams of a home, my own house! OH! How I want a house!  I want a nice house (No pink, green or blue carpet or counter tops! No wood paneling!) with a yard, more than one bathroom, a basement and a nice kitchen that I can fully enjoy my culinary experiments. I want to be able to send my boys outside in the summer time and lay on the porch in my lounge chair with my swim suit on (because I’ll be hot! HURRAY for heat!) and just soak in the sticky summer heat. Hopefully there will be a nice fence around that yard too.

I’ve spent hours online the past couple of months looking at houses all over St. Louis. I’ve set up a conservative price range and prayed that we could at least afford a house like what I’ve been looking at. (I’m looking around $130,000+ ish) I have a document of the houses I like and I check them multiple times a week to see if they are still for sale or if the price has dropped.

Jeremy and I both long to be able to move home and buy a house. We are praying so hard that we will be able to do this.  It would be so great to move just once more before we start fresh again in St. Louis. Cooper will start kindergarten this fall and I would love to not have to worry about moving him anymore. I want him and Chase to have a constant and not have to think about leaving friends or another house. I want to set up shop and just go.

I have a lot of other hopes and dreams intermingled in this move. My heart is a ball of hopeful expectation. I am eager and afraid of what is ahead. It could be glorious…or it could be awful! I hate not knowing.

I’m grateful for the distraction of Christmas. It’s been good for my heart to focus on soaking in my adorable boys, on the joy of having my husband home with us and safe and of family coming in town to celebrate. It helps pass the time. January is coming all too soon and once we load up the car, that’ll be it. There’s no turning back!


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