Linde, Trish, Me, Travis and Crystal before our Turkey Trot run 😀

After my triumphant accomplishment of the Tacoma “You Go Girl” 10K race (triumphant because 1. i did it and 2. i didn’t die), I felt excited and compelled to try to run another race. The Ft. Lewis Turkey Trot was coming up and since it was free, I thought, “hey why not?” and asked my friends to do it too. Um….then I forgot about it.

I remembered to register, and then the phone rang that day I was online and my session timed out and um, I forgot to re-register. But! I still could run…just as a freeloader.

But I didn’t practice.

Running that is. I worked out! I’ve been sticking with a 3x’s a week cardio regimen and it has been good! As it got closer, I got a bit worried and I decided to just run the 5 K.

So this morning (I’m writing this on Saturday), I thanked Jesus that it was not raining (that’s a big deal and an almost miracle…) and braved the cold with my friends for a great run! My friend Shari was running a bit late this morning, so she isn’t in the picture. But we ran (almost) the entire way together. I seriously didn’t walk more than a few paces. It’s just hard to talk and run. Really, really hard. Thanks for sticking with me Shari!

The Santa Shuffle (5 or 10K)  is in December (the 11th) and I’m thinking that I want to do it too. It’s also free, but perhaps this time I should register for real?

Maybe I’ll even try for another 10K…or maybe I’ll just shoot for a better time on my 5K. I finished in 38 minutes (38:06 to be exact) which is a 12 minute mile. That’s a 3 minute improvement over my time for the 10K in September. So I don’t know, but in the mean time, I’m happy to be a Wanna Be Runner! YAY ME! Thanks to my friends for braving the cold with me. You guys did so great!

3 thoughts on “Wanna-Be-Runner

  1. Good for you. I’m a wanna be too. I’m trying to train with Amy again for the marathon relay. I did three miles over a week ago and felt like a rock star.

    I haven’t run since.

    *sigh* it’s the whole consistent training thing that kills me.

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