Ok, remember this?

Back in March, I started attempting to tackle my Mt. Everest; 4 years of paperwork. Actually, it ended up being way more than 4 years worth, try 10.

I admit that paperwork is my worst enemy. I hate checking the mail, I don’t go to the post office and I can’t stand the stacks and stacks of paper work that somehow are ALWAYS all over my kitchen counters and computer desk, even though they all have homes that do not include the locations they hang out in.

The older I get, the more I dislike it. But I’ve found that this is a good thing! Because the more I hate it, the more driven I am to be more organized and on top of the mounds of paperwork that collect in the course of any given day in the Nevil household. Incidentally, I only have one child in preschool right now, so to all you women with multiple children in school, God bless you. I have already learned a few of your tricks for dealing with the papers that come home, and I’ll be a better mom for it in the future!

Anyway, this week, I conquered my Mt. Everest. It’s done!


Goodbye Mt. Everest!


I went through that cursed filing cabinet, threw away the junk, put the highly sensitive/need to shred junk in the small, brown grocery bag you see, and then organized the rest in Banker’s boxes to be sealed with packing tape and forever put away! The two small blue filing boxes are for Jeremy’s Army paperwork (which abounds and is always needed somehow) and the other for us to use in the short time before we move. We’ll need to have it with us in the car for the big drive across country.

So there you go! We even chucked the beaten-to-oblivion filing cabinet to the curb.

Breathe that big sigh of relief with me, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

On another organization note, I also finally accomplished something else that has been nagging at me: Cooper’s room.

The boy has more toys than any kid should have and I was so overwhelmed with how messy and disorganized everything was that I couldn’t even figure out where to start. I went through his room last week and reorganized, rearranged, and tossed out and it looks immaculate! YAY!

All this stuff I’m accomplishing is helping me so much with the total lack of control I have in anything with our upcoming move. One thing I can do is make sure my household is in order! But that’s about it….

However, I did it! I conquered Mt. Everest! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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