Hmmm….lately in the Nevil household, life has taken on the “calm before the storm” feel. There is not a lot going on and that is really bothersome considering that I know we’ll be very busy soon. In fact, I’m a little bored. Sure, I could always INVENT things to do (which usually means clean something), I’m super good at that. But somedays, you just don’t want to do that.

So what do you get when you have a bored Tiffany? A random post.

You’re welcome.

My friend Laura recently cracked me up on facebook. We had a lovely discussion about how much we love this commercial.

The look on the baby’s face totally cracks me up and the song is pretty funny too!

Next random thought: I’ve been thinking about how sad I am to be leaving the beauty of the West.  I mean, there are so many more things I want to do out here. I wish I could transplant my entire family and extended family out here so that I wouldn’t think of moving.

I just love everything about it here. So I decided I should gather all my pictures that I’ve taken of scenery, nature, etc. and make a giant coffee table book out of it. 😀 I’m excited to do that….but, I’m worried about how many pages I can fit in it. I mean, I guess I could go old school and do it by hand rather than digital/on the computer…..we’ll see.

I sort of laugh at the fact that I’m feeling bored. I always get this way right before a busy season. I am convinced that God helps me through life this way because then, I’m super ready to be crazy busy.  Eventually, I’ll be whining about how there’s no time, blah, blah, blah.

In the mean time, I’m ok with being “bored”.  This weekend we have nothing but time to kill and I love those kinds of weekends. The fall weather has been so beautiful! Weekends like that are the kind for crock-pots of chili, football and fun little projects.

…like making pretty coffee table books.

Alright, I’m going to go invent something for myself to do. Ta-ta and enjoy your weekend. 😀

2 thoughts on “Mixed Media for Friday

  1. Hooray that you put that commercial on there! My favorite! (And, i’m sticking with singing it my way, with the “underpants” in it . . I like it better that way!)

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