We aren’t super “in” to Halloween around here.  I like the fun aspects of dressing up, being silly and the giving and getting of treats, but we don’t do scary. We do happy and fun!

The last couple of years, we’ve participated in a community outreach that the Puyallup Mainstreet Association hosts downtown with the local businesses. All the businesses (who choose to participate) can dress up their shop and themselves and at 2:00 pm, kiddos and parents can “trick or treat” them. It’s great fun, gets you out in daylight and it’s family friendly so there aren’t the scary or gory costumes that you might see elsewhere. (Plus, I can scope out the cute shops I want to come back to later!)

For the past 2 years, our church has hosted a free carnival as part of the festivities. So this year, we again went to the carnival and helped set up and staff it for a bit before we went for our walk around downtown for treats. The boys were great fun and had such happy hearts about the whole thing. That’s saying a lot because it was smack in the middle of Chase’s nap time. He actually fell asleep on the way there. In fact, the boys were crazy amazing all weekend. Weird….



Daddy is putting Chase's costume on after his "cat" nap in the car, he he he he. Good thing it was warm because it was a cold and rainy day in Puyallup!



Ready for CANDY!!!!


That’s all the pictures I have from Saturday. Sad, huh? I guess we were just too busy work’in the crowds! Anyway, the next day, on actual Halloween Day, our small group decided to do an outreach to the neighborhood. We set up a table and served hot drinks to all the adults who brought their kiddos around for trick or treating that night.


We had a few princesses in our midst….aw…such royalty 😀
We actually had a lot more kids around at some point, but the Wilson’s had to jet.
There’s my boys! It’s um,…challenging to get pics of kids who just want to play outside and beg for candy.
Perhaps the best of all our attempts….the Nascar driver and the lion!
Me and my cubs
One cub was happy, the other breakin’ down…

So anyway, it was lots of fun! We had such a blast hanging out, talking to people and enjoying the evening’s festivities. In the beginning, a lot of people looked at us like we were way weird for what we were doing. But as the evening got colder, we had quite a few takers. We went through a good amount of cider, coffee and hot cocoa and had a great time.


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