When Jeremy got back from Afghanistan, he only had 7 months left in the Army as an active duty soldier.


Homecoming celebration!


Some people think that sounds like plenty of time for a big transition, but man, it’s a short rope. Getting out of the Army is WAY more involved than getting in to the Army. There is bureaucratic red tape as far as the eye can see! You’ve gotta know the right questions and the right people to ask and you have got to be your own advocate. Jeremy has been hard at work the last two months getting everything ready for us to exit our time with the Army as smoothly as possible. It’s not hard, there’s just a lot of leg work to be done.

Our plan this summer was to make a decision in October. A decision about what would be next. Jeremy was pretty sure he didn’t want to stay in the Army even though I was open to the idea (and liked it). But all the advice we received from trusted friends and veterans of past deployments was “wait” to make a decision and make sure that we as a family were ok after all the craziness of a year of separation began to settle in earnest.


8 days in Hawaii will make anyone better 😉 especially when you get to be there with your best friends!




First of many vacays 😀


We talked a lot on vacation and even after. At first, we thought it would be a good idea to consider our current surroundings. We L-O-V-E Washington so much. This is a beautiful place and we have found amazing and life-long best friends here. Cost of living is much, MUCH higher than the mid-west, but we assumed the pay would help with that and God is in control. We prayed and we talked and we prayed and we talked knowing that God would lead.While we were praying and talking a lot of stuff started to flow in from St. Louis. People were calling to tell us that they wanted to help Jeremy look for a job, business cards were mailed to us, contacts were made. Resumes started to get emailed out and things really started to move. Jeremy looked into things in WA and found that his biggest and only lead here, the police force, was not hiring.

We kept talking and praying and dreaming and suddenly, we realized that our hearts were being drawn back to St. Louis. It was a tough thing to admit. Not because we don’t love our home, but because our time here has been so special.  We’ve grown as a family in ways I never think we would have been able to if we hadn’t flown the coop. Our perspectives about so many things in life have been changed and matured through tough times and good times. We’ve learned a lot.


ahhhh....Seattle....how we love thee


It was so hard to ask each other if it was really the time to leave, if God would bless it and if He was the one leading us in the directions our hearts were feeling gently tugged. A Scripture that kept coming to my mind was Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”.

Last week, as many of you saw on Facebook, we made the big decision. Jeremy decided to sign up for the National Guard in St. Louis. He signed the papers on Wednesday and got all his official documents, etc. It’s official – we are coming to St. Louis, and soon (less than 4 months people!).


We're St. Louis bound


The National Guard gig gives Jeremy some excellent opportunities. I think he is excited to see what kind of soldiers he’ll meet there (and we think it’ll be good!). We are praying he’ll enjoy his time serving in the light infantry regiment he’ll be in at Jefferson Barracks. His reporting date is in March, but our plan is to leave WA in early January of ’11. (Because then we have time to move and stuff.)

The decision was a hard one to make and we are still praying that God would let us know if it wasn’t right. We are also praying that He would give us continued peace and prosperity if it was (as we believe it is). We are excited about all that is ahead and we talk and dream all the time about how fun (and annoying-you’ll be annoyed by us too guys) it will be to be surrounded by our family members again. We are super excited for the next chapter in our lives and it is fun to ask God what His plans for us are!

The next biggest hurdle is acquiring a GOOD no, dare I say a SUPER AWESOME FANTABULOUS job in St. Louis for Jeremy. It would be an understatement to say that I would like to continue to stay home with the littles. I want another baby once we are settled (and Chase is potty trained) and I’d like to be able to focus on the kiddos until they are all in school at the least. That means that some measly job will not do for us-we need something that can support all of us! We need a place to live, we need another car….awww! Life is about to get all kinds of crazy-again. Didn’t we just do a year of crazy? We must like drama….

Please pray for us! Please let us know if you know of anyone who is hiring. Jeremy is an amazing man and a hard worker and he would be an asset to any company. He is a man of courage, strength, patience and precision. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished for our family. He puts himself on the line all the time for us and who wouldn’t want that in a man and an employee? I love you my sweet and I believe in you!


The Nevil Fam, together again!


Our prayer right now is that we would leave WA with a job in hand. Please join us in this prayer! God is in control and we know that things can change in the blink of an eye. We’re going forward trying to remain flexible and pliable in His hands. And oh…oh how we are dreaming. 😀

P.S. Um…if you see a cute house for rent, stop and grab the flier, k? Then call me or email me and let me know the scoop! C’mon, don’t you want the Nevils to live next to you? You know you do…..


7 thoughts on “A Big Decision was Made

  1. I am looking for houses to rent. The house across the street for us is for sale! How awesome would that be?!? 🙂 I’m not sure I can convince them to rent, though.

    Anyhoo, I know it was a tough, big decision to leave but I, for one, am madly excited that you will be back here in our midst. Love ya and we’ll be looking out for jobs!

  2. I havent been watching Facebook so this is new and great news. Don’t know about the house for rent but we have a condo available on short notice. 2 bed at 270 and Tesson. Mother-in-law is moving to Kirkwood. We might sell but renting is an option.

    So happy God directed you this way…can’t wait

    Love you all

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