Two weeks ago, we had 2 special guests come into town. Jeremy’s dad and his brother! Jeremy was so excited to see them after a long deployment. It was fun having them all together in one room and hearing everyone laughing hysterically.

While they were here, we went to the Nisqually River Valley pumpkin patch (is it Schilter’s farm?) as well as Pike Place for some fun, pumpkins and a failed mission. There were 3 generations of Nevil men and boys here…that’s a lot of testosterone in one household people….


The Nevil Men



silly boys.....I have no idea why they are leaning forward



much better pic of the boys



I really like this family photo too! It's so good to be all together again!



The boys with Uncle Chub



The boys with Papa Nevil



Deep in concentration for picking the perfect pumpkin.


We love how small Schilter Farm is and how hands-on all of the activities are; there was a hay maze as well as an area to pet some farm animals!



What? Uncle Chub was on his phone? Crazy.....



I have a picture of him at this sign a few years tall this fall indeed!



AH! Look how much he's grown in 2 years!



Chase wasn't so sure about the animals...he liked the cats and that was about it!


I hope you aren’t sick of pictures yet….I have lots more!


Best Chowder house and fun family times! Can you see the relation? He he he he he
sleepy baby….he was ready to be done and rested his head on Jeremy’s head

Pike Place is always a fun trip for us. Hopefully it isn’t our last…but it may be! We were on a mission for cinnamon honey cream and were so disappointed when multiple scoutings of the place turned up with no honey guy. 😦 Boooooo for no cinnamon honey!

Hanging with Papa Nevil (I believe eating something I wouldn’t normally let him have….)
Best Buddies

I know this last picture is kind of dark, but Chase and Justin were the best of buds when he was in town. It was precious to watch and to see him reach for his Uncle.

Well, that’s about it in my picture barrage! I have more on Facebook and I will upload the full album to Shutterfly later today…the children are beginning to revolt right now.  😉

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