When Jeremy and I first got married, he was working for Sprint. He continued working there for a number of months, and then he decided to look around for something else. His hours were all nights and weekends and we were hardly ever together.

He got a job making a little less dough working for an environmentally friendly (read “Hippie”) paper company doing customer service and sales. It was an 8 am-5 pm job, Monday through Friday only. We were in heaven! Our schedules finally matched up.  It was just what we needed as newly weds to help us get a good start to things.

I think he worked at the Hippie Company (that’s a term of endearment BTW) for about one year. Then, his old manager from Sprint actually called him and asked him if he’d be interested in coming back.  We talked it over and Jeremy said, “yeah, sure!”. I think at that point we felt like we had a good foundation and could make some wonky hours work for us. Plus, the extra money we got from the move enabled us to buy our first house.


This is the best I can do on a digital pic of our first house--isn't baby Cooper cute?


We bought the house, Jer worked at Sprint and I worked at the church. We eventually got back to the place where we thought we were passing each other in the night. Booo! And now we had a baby on top of everything.

Then, we did a wild thing and joined the Army.  It was rough at first, but I will say that I saw Jeremy so much! Again, it was totally great! Let me tell you, save for that year he was in Afganistan, the kids and I see Jeremy more now during the day then we probably ever will again.

Let me lay it out for you: Jeremy goes into work early (he’s up at 4:30 am) but he’s home for breakfast and a shower by 8:15 am. Then he leaves again and comes home at 11:30 am for lunch. Hurray! Then at 1:00 or 1:30, he goes back to work for the rest of the day. And then? He’s home again.  In addition to this fun-filled schedule, Jeremy gets a crazy amount of holidays and four-day weekends.

For example, Jeremy is off today AND Monday, all because of good old Columbus. Thank you Christopher Columbus. Thank you.

It’s going to stink to start this whole career thing all over again in a few months. Jeremy actually did talk to Sprint and it’s an option again (booo!). But he’s also got a prospect with a federal gig…and that would ROCK!

I’ll miss all the holidays we get now that Jeremy works for the government. In the mean time, I’m just going to go soak it all up. 😀

Happy Columbus Day!


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