I’ve been telling Jeremy that I’ve heard him say it various times this week. He’s always looked at me with those “uh-huh, sure” eyes. But yesterday, he heard it himself. Chase audibly and clearly said “No”.

It happened when we were bringing Jeremy home from work. We asked Cooper a question and he said “NO!” very loudly and silly. His brother piped up from the back seat and showed everyone that he too, can loudly say “No!” just like big brother….greeeeeeeaaaaaaaatttt.

We had a good run…a whole 19 months of life before the words were uttered. There’s no going back now. Soon the adorable and slow head shakes for yes and no will be gone forever. No more little bouncing curls as he shakes his head. Nope…all we’ll hear are the actual words.

being silly with Daddy and the camera

So soon Chase?

In other news, I am pretty sure I forgot to mention here that Cooper started school on Monday! (It was on FB though…so, you know.)

I’m impressed with the school so far but prayerful that it was the best decision for Cooper. He’s the oldest kiddo in the class and can already do most of the stuff they are supposed to be learning to do (like write his name and numbers and alphabet….). So far he likes it and has made friends with everyone in his class (all 7 of them!). He has particularly been interested in a very pretty little blonde girl named Lola. But finally today he started talking about some boys. WHEW!  Here are some fun pics of his first day (if you haven’t already seen them!):

This is my most favorite picture of him! I am going to blow it up and frame it! He's so adorable!
Putting stuff into his locker
Standing in front of his classroom door
Ready for us to go and stop taking pictures 🙂 (this is him in circle time!)

I’m glad he’s back in school, he needed the outlet and he seems to look forward to going every day. We put him in the afternoon class due to Jeremy’s schedule and sharing the car. It’s not my favorite because I can’t go do errands, etc. while he is in school (b/c Chase NEEDS his nap), but I am getting a TON of stuff done at home for those 3 blissful and quiet hours at home.  Next step is possible enrolling him in basketball!!!


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