This post is going to start with a sigh.


Why? Because the issue I’m about to discuss is one I hate talking about. It’s the issue of my body. Momma always said (and my Grammie still says) “getting old stinks!”. I know I’m not old, but I feel myself aging and I see it in the mirror. The girls are not where they were two pregnancies ago. The belly is a constant battle of the bulge. And I am pretty sure my booty is slowly sliding down my thighs.

We all know that if you want something, you have to work for it. As Jillian says “you can’t phone it in”.  I think the problem is that those of us in our thirty-somethings are young enough to remember a time when we didn’t have to work for it so much. (So hopefully when I’m a fourty-something, it’ll be really engrained into my brain.)

I have the privilege of having a tremendous group of girl friends. We are all roughly the same age and have all come to the conclusion that we are ready to work a bit to feel better about ourselves and to be more healthy. (Ok, most of us have come to this conclusion and some of us are actively doing something about it!) Plus, hearing your husband say “YOWZER! Your butt looks HOT in those jeans!” is always quite flattering. 😀

Speaking of which….I love this commercial and the other one where the friend runs over to her neighbor and shakes her bootie at her to show off her jeans.

Recently, one of my girlfriends who has really been working hard to lose some post baby weight chimed in “hey! would you girls be interested in doing a 10K race with me in September?” All my girlfriends enthusiastically agreed and I just sat there for a moment.

You see….I hate running. In fact, I am  not totally sure that word fully explains my feelings about running. I keep trying to like it, really I do. I have tried and tried and tried. And I still hate it. Mostly because I totally suck at it. I mean lowsy, lowsy, lowsy. I’ve heard the whole practice thing, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s hard to keep doing something you stink at and don’t enjoy. I never can decide if I don’t enjoy it only because I stink at it or if it’s because I really just don’t enjoy it. If I get better at it, will I like it?

I reluctantly agreed to do the race. I warned them that I probably wouldn’t be happy about it, but I agreed. Why? Why would I agree to do something I HATE doing?

Because the girls are not where they used to be, my belly is a battlefield and my bootie needs a lift.

On Monday, we had practice and it was raining. It was 50 degrees (maybe) and it was raining. And I ran in it. I hated every minute of it. I couldn’t breathe and I was mad, mad, mad at myself for being in this position at such a “young” age. Why can’t I breathe and run?

Today, I’m totally glad I did it. I’m working on having a happy heart about it for the future too. I’m not going to run in the rain anymore (if I can help it anyway) because ew to being cold and wet. But I am going to keep running. I am going to keep doing something I hate because I love myself. And I can do better. Incidentally, I probably ran over one mile yesterday (I walked another mile). Go me!

Me and Cooper after our 3 mile hike two weeks ago!

So on Sunday, September 26, pray for me that morning. Cheer me on in your heart as I do something I loathe, hate and despise with people I cherish, love and adore because I love myself and I CAN DO BETTER!


7 thoughts on “I Signed Up for Something I Hate

  1. I hear you friend. I let Amy talk me into doing that horrid race two years in a row with her. Praise God I was able to back out the second year (in my defense I’m not sure wha tI was thinking signing up to run 6 miles in April after having a baby in December). And I really haven’t run since. I keep trying to start up, but I loathe it to my core. I will, every once in awhile, run a mile on teh treadmill just to prove that I still can. But any more than that and my braing shuts down on me totally and completely. I’ve decided to find other ways to help the body be all that she can be. I’ve fallen in love with kickboxing and with a strenght training class at my gym. I’m not sure I will ever love running. But I’ll keep trying just in case one day it gets easy! 🙂

  2. Hahaha, you always make me laugh. I too hated running; actually I think it’s one of the reasons we became best friends- we both HATED working out!! 🙂 But for me times have changed as I got close to 30 and wanted to shop at a regular store for clothes. When I started working out, running was not in the plans, but once I realized that was one of the quickest ways to burn calories I was like “sign me up!” I’m proud of you for even trying, something I would have definitely not done 2 years ago. Thankfully I have come to love running especially outside where I can see God’s creation all around me, it feels like I was meant to be there. I match running with cleaning the toilets. Even though I usually don’t enjoy it and the idea of it sounds yucky, I love even more the results and so I do it on a regular basis. I’m proud of you girly!! I know you can do anything you put your mind too. As for the girls, sorry can’t help you there….

  3. So sad I’m not there to do that with you guys . . I’d be right along with you, hating it and not able to breathe. I’m resorting these days to 1/2 hour DVD’s while the kids are napping for my exercise, which is so lonesome. In fact, I need to go do one right now before babies wake up. Proud of you, girl, and I miss you guys!

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