I recently complained publicly about how Chase makes me crazy. Therefore, I must thus compliment him publicly on how much better he has gotten in such a short period of time!

silly baby

Since I last wrote about his screaming episodes, we’ve continued to work with him with time outs, the occasional s p anking, and lots and lots of praise when he does the right thing.  He has gotten so much better and the proof occurred tonight.

A little more than one week ago, when we were on our way home from our fun trip to the Columbia River Gorge, we vowed to never eat out with Chase again. I’m not kidding. We have witnesses. We were so embarrassed over how he acted that night and by all the people who had ever so much to say on the issue. But we noticed so much improvement over this week that we thought we’d try again.

Tonight, we went to a local pizza place with some friends. Chase sat in his seat the entire time. (This is amazing.) He did not scream or cry (though he did have a few things to say a little loudly). He actually ate his ENTIRE dinner.  True…it was cheese pizza. But this is amazing that he even ate what most kids would consider the most awesome dinner choice possible!

Once we all got loaded into the car and out of the cold and yucky rain (stupid Washington), we all gave Chase a round of applause and praised him for his good manners and how pleasant he was at dinner. It was a glimmer of hope for us!

In other matters regarding Chase, he is talking so much more! We’ve been encouraging him to talk by reading more often, by pointing more things out and by asking him to repeat new words. I know it sounds dumb, but life has just had me especially in a whirlwind and poor Chase was getting the short end of the stick in terms of the quality learning time the first born received!  Tonight he said “BINKIE” and something that sounded very much like “BLANKIE!” on the way home. It was super precious.

Having a toddler makes me super tired as a mom. I love the sweetness and quietness of a cuddly, newborn baby. It always makes me want more kids. The sassiness of a busy little boy who is into EVERYTHING and is frustrated by his limited communication is much more tough! But those moments where he is holding his blankie under one arm, he is fresh from the bath with his little green striped footie jammies on and he gets up on his tip toes to give me a kiss good night as I bend down to him, ahhh…those moments melt my heart and remind me of all that is good.


Yup, this too shall pass, and I’ll probably cry with great joy over remembering it…later.


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