Chase is a screaming banshee. No one believes me when they see how cute he is. I mean, he is incredibly cute.

What a cute boy!
When he's happy, he is soooo happy

When I tell my friends that Chase cried for the entire flight to Hawaii, they look at me with that “uh-huh, sure he did Tiff” look and say, “did he REALLY cry for the WHOLE flight?”.  Ok….he slept for 45 minutes. So he cried for precisely 4 hours and 30 minutes. Sorry I wasn’t exact enough.

Jeremy’s Mom and Grandma just left WA last week after a fabulously fun visit together. They both hit the nail on the head by commenting “how could someone so cute be so angry?” True story Grandmas….preach it.

Still don’t believe me? I started documenting it after he ran the trend of crying hysterically every night at dinner.

Pretty much every night in Hawaii at dinner

By the way, I so hate it when people stare at you when your child is screaming at dinner. I mean how else do you teach them manners but trial and error?Come on people…work with me here.

Poor baby

I  don’t remember when Chase started crying constantly. In my mind he has always cried a lot. I asked Jeremy if he was crying like this in December, and he doesn’t think so. So we’ll say closer to February.

I  blame myself for letting it go as long as I have. I don’t do well with loud noises. I don’t know why but I’m sensitive to a lot of loud sounds. This means when Chase cries, I just get quiet and ignore him. The bad thing about that is he then thinks its ok to cry about everything all the time. Add to that the fact that he can understand everything we say and even follow one and two step directions, but he isn’t talking very much and you’ve got a recipe for even more crying because he is so frustrated. (The absence of Dad was probably tossed in there too.)

Sign language has helped, but sometimes he absolutely refuses to even sign because he’s so mad that we don’t understand what he wants or because we stand by the “no” we already doled out.

Since Jeremy has been home I have noticed a difference though. He is intervening a lot and the result has been more respect from Chase directed to me and to Jeremy. Chase is wearing a spot in the steps sitting in time out as he attempts to get “self-control” of his mighty temper. At first he was there every day and almost all day. But we’ve already noticed improvement. He did get his very first discipline (we believe firmly in s p anking our children) this past week. I was amazed at how quickly his attitude changed.

I know he won’t be a screaming banshee forever. The quick improvement with a firmer and more consistent hand is giving me so much encouragement and hope.  One of my best friends actually spoke some blessed words of encouragement to me just last week. She said, “think of the qualities you want in a man; strong, a leader, a good negotiator, knows what they want and possesses a determination to get it. Those aren’t qualities you want in a 2 or 3 year old! But the qualities we want in a 2 or 3 year old (passive, quiet, easily swayed, etc.) are not the qualities we want in a man!”

It was a great reminder to me and to Jeremy to continue to stay the course, to celebrated his strong personality and to continue to work with him in his communication skills (as well as ours as parents). He is a precious and mighty little boy and I know he is destined for greatness.

Jeremy and I just tell him that when he is an adult, we are going to randomly scream at him….just to remind him what he was like as a baby….

3 thoughts on “Chase, the Screaming Banshee

  1. Amen amen amen! All of my boys have struggled with this to one degree or another, but especially my oldest 2. Pretty sure Will screamed almost nonstop for the first year of his life 🙂
    I love what your friend said to you about the qualities in a boy vs. a man. Dan and I have had to remind ourselves of that a lot, as our guys have many character traits that God could use to shape them into amazing men… it’s just that it can be really rough dealing with those same qualities in a 6 year old or 1 year old. Many days I pray that I don’t squelch those traits out of my own frustration…

  2. Where’s the time-out pic? It was soooooo cute. I gotta tell ya he can get really mad and scream and then turn it off just as quick. It was really kind of funny. Maybe not so much for Mom and Dad, but this Grandma and his Great-Grandma thought he was still pretty darn cute! By the way….Mom and Dad, you are doing a GREAT job parenting and I’m very proud or how you handle it! LOVE YOU

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