Note: I changed my mind on what to post about first. I figured vacation is always a good place to go back to…even if it is just in my head. 😀

To all the people who told us that Maui is better than Oahu…thank you. We loved and adored it! It was refreshing, revitalizing and so beautiful. I think I will have the scenes from our day at Napili Beach in my head for all time.

Sunset in Maui down by Whaler's Village on Ka'anapali Beach

Maui was perfect for us because it had the laid-back feel that I crave (I like to just “be” when I’m on vacation) and the fun and busy little beach town feel that Jeremy craves (he likes to do stuff and go places).

My feet at Napili Beach

We got a good deal on a condo in Lahaina. In fact, we were 2 blocks up from Front Street at a little place called Aina Nalu. The location was fun for us because we walked to dinner every night, then walked up and down Front street afterwards just enjoying the scenes.

Aina Nalu

Because the boys were with us, we were back to our room pretty early each night. Chase was down at 7 and Cooper shortly thereafter if not at the same time. The time change was ROUGH and it was only 3 hours behind us. For our family and friends in St. Louis though, it was 5 hours behind! My mom called once while we were there and told me she had wanted to call me when she got to work that morning at 7, but realized it was 2 am in Hawaii and thought better of it! We had a hard time adjusting to the time change but I think all the snorkeling and just swimming and playing we did made us tired too. The latest we stayed up was 11 pm, and that was the last night we were there. The first 4 nights, we were in bed before 9 pm! But even that was refreshing since the kiddos were up around 6 am each day.

We did a mix of things in Maui. We went to Kaanapali Beach, Black Rock (which is on Kaanapali), Napili Beach and Launiupoko Beach off Hwy 30. Napili was my favorite, but they were all so unique and so pretty. We went to Upcountry on the Haleakala Volcano and visited the Kula Botanical Gardens, the Ali’i Lavender farm/garden and the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm! We ate local one night at Da Kitchen, we went to the Hula Grill’s Barefoot Bar, the Lahaina Pizza Co (old BJ’s), Bubba Gump’s, Cilantro and our favorite dessert place was the Ono Gelato in Lahaina.

Looking back, we both said we wish we would have spent even more time at the beaches of Maui. It was our favorite part and we hope to go back! The thing we really wanted to do but knew the kids couldn’t handle, the road to Hana. We hope to go back one day because can you ever get enough Maui? I think not!

Napili Beach
Sexy man!
My favorite pic of Chase on Napili Beach
Jer and I at the "Scenic Lookout" along Hwy 30 on your way to the airport
My favorite pic of Cooper, a.k.a. the new snorkel master
Our Undersea Adventure!
Everyone looks better on vacation....

Maui is different with kiddos, but we richly enjoyed the family time and reconnect time it gave to us. Cooper was a snorkel king and Chase…well, he was Chase. More on that point later. Jeremy and I cherished the opportunity to reconnect without house chores or life administrative stuff getting in the way too soon. It was perfect!

We took over 400 pics of our vacation!  I have all the pics up on my Shutterfly share site if you want to peruse them. You can click that link to check it out!

P.S. Vacation is always better with friends by the way! We had dinner with our friends the Zangenbergers and we had a blissfilled day at Ka’anapli (Black Rock) with our BF’s the Metcalfes! We liked vacationing with friends so much that we decided WE NEED to plan a vacation all together in two years! YAY!


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