Jeremy has been home for one week today! WAHOOO! It’s super exciting having him home. But it is SUPER stinky that he is having to go back to work so quickly. I really wish the Army would start leave first and then do all this in-processing afterwards. I get it…the why and all, but it’s no fun.

Right now he is at work, the kiddos are sleeping and we are just an hour or so away from a semi-spontaneous road trip. We are going to go visit our friends the Roquet’s by meeting up with them in Sequim for dinner and a little Lavender Festival action. Good times shall be had.

I’m hoping we’ll be home by midnight….but I dunno. We’re living on the edge here people.

The next week and a half will continue to be super busy for us, then there is a little calm before the vacation of our dreams gets underway. I guess I’ll blog again in like, September. He he he he he…I’m kidding. Sorta.

I think the couch wants some personal time with me while I wait for Jeremy to get home. YAY roadtrip, nighty night. 😀


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