I know I’ve neglected my blog this week, but you all who frequent here know why! My hubby is arriving this week home from Afghanistan. He’s been gone a whole year and we are so excited to welcome him back.

It’s (very) late Tuesday night and I am still waiting for my phone call that will tell me he is 24 hours+/- out from being home.  Right now I am expecting to receive that call sometime tomorrow. If tomorrow night comes and goes and I haven’t received it- I’ll probably freak out. Not because something is wrong but because I haven’t been receiving the communications I’m “supposed” to be receiving.  Grrrr….let me tell you how frustrating that is!

The good news is that Jeremy  has been calling me all along the way to let me know where he is in his journey. So at least I’ll have some info if something goes a rye in the communication the Army is at least responsible to me at this point.

I will let you all know any news I receive as soon as I can! In the mean time, I am going to go play at a splash park with the kiddos tomorrow morning. I am so grateful that my friends have been keeping me so busy this week. It’s helped to keep my mind and body occupied so that I can sleep rather than drive myself crazy with all the “what-if’s” I can conjure up! A woman’s mind is a messy place you know. Spaghetti and such….(you know, it’s all connected and interwoven).

Stay tuned!


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