On Wednesday this week, I joined some fun MOPS girls for a day at Point Defiance Zoo. I am trying to keep busy as I await the man-and occupying the kids is a very large portion of that job! It was a super fun day. Here are some pics of our adventure. Enjoy 😀

Playing together while we waited for the rest of our friends to arrive.
Trying to decide between eating crackers in the stroller or playing with the other boys he is watching thoughtfully in this picture. 😀
$5.00 for a camel ride isn't too bad...though kind of an interesting thing to add to the zoo. I doubt Jeremy would want to ride one...he he he he he
Feeding the "Budgies"...yes, I know they look like pet shop parakeets.
I wish I could freeze time! It's so precious when they conk out after a morning of fun.
A nice day calls for a DQ stop on the way home!

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