I’m not actually awake as I type this. But I AM 3/4 through my first cup of coffee. So, maybe soon I’ll be there.

In the mean time, it’s July1. I’m smilin’ from ear to ear in my sleep-walking-good-morning-momma-state. We are days away. I’ll send an update out when I know something. I can tell you now that it’s begun. YAY!

Here’s some pics of the boys from yesterday; we went to the Point Defiance Zoo. I’ll do that blog Friday. When I’m awake. 😀

The result of a long morning at the zoo
A little treat on the way home 😀

One thought on “A Wednesday Blog…on Thursday

  1. Woo-hoo! You popped into my mind yesterday so I started praying for your hubby, you, and your boys. I’m filled with joy and gratitude for and on behalf of you guys! Thanks for being such an amazing example of Phil 4:6-7. Love you, zanmi mwen, and so excited for you in these next days!

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