I am freaking out as I type these words! If I could just run around the block screaming without losing my personal confidence, I totally would. 😀

It’s possible that Jeremy could be home by the end of the week. Yes. THIS WEEK! It’s also possible that it’ll be more like early next week, but hey, it’s still a matter of days away!

soon and very soon he'll be home!

I’m trying to stay busy but I’m feeling pretty antsy. The house is clean but I know Jeremy could seriously care less. It could be a disaster and I doubt he’d care. I bought some amazing steaks to grill and I’ll do a grocery run with him in mind later in the week….but what else? I DUNNO! I feel like I’m shaking all over and no, that’s not all the coffee in my body.

Cooper knows it’s soon too and he is super ready. He keeps saying to me “I want my Daddy, Mommy”. I told him today, “Well, next week, you can have him!” It was super fun to say that to him!

This week, Cooper starts his swimming class at the “Y” and we have a fun trip to the zoo planned with my MOPS group. I think it’ll be the perfect distraction for all of us. Then I’m having some friends help me decorate the house and make signs and then…then, we wait! We wait for our super-exciting phone call. It won’t come until they are 24(ish) hours out. But OOOHHH! To get that phone call! YAY!

I don’t know what else to say right now…so I’m going to end with that. If you think of it, stick a “Welcome Home” card in the mail for Jeremy, would ya? I’ll keep a box of mail just for him and give it to him when I give him the presents I got for him.

9 thoughts on ““It’s the final countdown!”

  1. it’s just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so excited you got to write this post. it’s really here. your man IS COMING HOME!! so glad for all of you! sending a hug!

  2. Giddy for you just thinking about it! I watched a few “coming home” videos of soldiers surprising their child or spouse last week. I thought of your family and the exciting days that you have ahead! Blessings to you four.

  3. Im excited too….but now I have that song in my head…

    “Its the final count dooowwwnnn….da da da daaa dada da daaaa…….”

  4. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I can’t wait to tell Sloan he’s home, although I am going to miss Sloan’s sweet prayers for Jeremy at the dinner table. They usually go something like this: “Dear Lord, please pertect Jeremy…uh, Mr. Nevil. He’s in a war, you know, Lord, in ‘Ghanistan, and we pray that you will just raise him up and give him pertection and glory him, Lord because you are the glory God and we trust You to bring Mr. Nevil home safe to Cooper. Amen.”

    Melts my heart every. single. time. Can’t wait for your hubby to be home in your arms!!! 🙂

  5. Wow! Still praying for all of you. Patience. Anticipation. Planning. Safety in the midst of distraction. I’m so excited for you all.

    I think running around the block screaming might boost your personal confidence. Might also get you a ride in a padded wagon, but hey…go for it!

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