My favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. I love, love, LOVE the show so much because it’s taught me to appreciate dance! I’ve always loved to watch people dance, but the criticism from the judges is so constructive and encouraging that I have learned things I never knew.

I have been watching the show for about 4 seasons now (I think) and I just can’t get enough of it! I saw that the show is promoting this new thing Nigel Lthygoe created called National Dance Day, which is July 31, by trying to get people to learn this “Nappy Tabs” routine. (Um, that’s Tabitha and Napoleon for all you non-show watchers.)The idea is to encourage people to just be healthy and get moving.

I watched the first part of the video and decided I should go to bed (it was approaching midnight, oiy) but, I really want to learn it! I did practice the first 3 parts. You know you wanna see it right? Here is the routine! Try it ok? It would be fun to see if we can video ourselves doing it and repost! EEEK! That makes me nervous. But how fun, right?

2 thoughts on “National Dance Day 2010!

  1. this is really cool….of course, I think I can dance….or at least I used to be able to do routine type stuff, but this is just scary…looks like fun.

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