All you Mommies and Daddies of small children, come, collectively scream with me, won’t you?


Why the scream? Ugh…the food battles are so in full swing with my youngest. I remember this phase oh so well with Cooper.

Cooper at 21 months

Getting him to eat was always quite a feat. If we were going to the park, I used to have to make him eat FIRST otherwise, I’d never get him to stop playing so that he would eat.  He’s 5 now and eats in an extremely satisfactory manner. I mean, he’s not going to enjoy Indian food (except for maybe some Naan) with me or anything, but it’ll do.

This is nothing but hope for me as I attempt to get Chase to diversify his food tastes.

Chase at 16 mos

Currently he will willingly eat the following foods:

-almost all carbohydrates except rice, pasta or goldfish crackers. Crackers, chips, bread, pancakes, etc. are all winners with him. (Incidentally, I have called his elder brother and his father my “Carbohydrate Kings” on multiple occasions in the span of 8 years.)

– yogurt. this is good because I have found the blessing that is Horizon’s Little Blends; yogurt blended with strawberry and carrots or sweet potatoes and bananas.

-most fruit. for some reason, the child has never liked bananas.

-cheese. he would eat this all day and night if i let him. he prefers colby-jack but I can’t really get him to eat the white mozzerella cheese sticks.

-Kelli McGill’s pulled italian beef, meatloaf (only if it’s bbq), and salmon cakes (think crab cakes but with salmon).  The child won’t eat any other meat. No surprise here because I know most kids don’t like meat. (Funny how we push it on them, huh?)

And yet, even with these things being foods that are “acceptable” to Chase, he still might choose to reject a previous “favorite”. For example, notice there are no vegetables on that list. Yeah. Not. One.  He used to love and adore broccoli, and then he just decided he hated it.  I still put veggies in front of him, but if I want him to eat them then I have to get sneaky.

The answer? Smoothies. Carrot juice and spinach are the 2 veggies I put in our smoothies and so far it’s working. That’s how I get bananas in him too.

Sigh. Anyway, I know that one day he will grow up to be a perfectly normal adult with probably decent balance in his nutrition choices. In the mean time, I have 5 new gray hairs.  I’m not kidding.


6 thoughts on “Food + Toddler = $@#%&

  1. The two older boys have gone through these picky eating stages and have emerged as pretty good eaters (Bennett actually is an excellent eater if he doesn’t have Luke influencing his opinion of something). Even with that evidence, getting Jack Henry through this stage seems like it will never end. He is so far beyond how picky they ever were, but thankfully, he’s getting old enough to make a deal. You want a few M&Ms after dinner? Then you’re going to have to try everything on your plate (and we’re working up from “trying” to actually eating a couple of bites). It’s making me crazy, for real. So I totally feel your pain! Just keep putting that stuff on his tray, and I will too 🙂

  2. Ashlynn had a problem with bananas and wouldn’t eat them as a baby/toddler. Now she loves them. Chicken is the only real thing she took a turn in deciding she didn’t like that she would eat nothing else but for the longest time. The only exception of course, Uncle Jeremy’s chicken and Justin’s has now also been added to that list. So the tide may be turning on that! Looking at that child (Chase), sure doesn’t look like he could give anyone any problems! Look at those eyes!!!! 😉

  3. Yes Nicole! If it wasn’t for the success I have had with Cooper, I really think I might give up. I have to give myself a pep talk multiple times a day.

    Kelli, um, I need that recipe. 😀

    Momma M-I think Cooper is developing the same aversion to chicken. I’m working on it though. Our new phrase in the house is “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. Gotta eat the # of bites that your age is. That is helpful too. 😀

  4. Yeah, we started using that too. It’s better. Of course, she doesn’t cross Uncle Chub. He tells her she has to try something, like he did when you all were her in April and she did. If I recall, she ended up eating it all! They can be such little boogers!!!!

  5. Tiff…for 10 months, yes 10 months the ONLY thing my niece would eat was spaghetti and black olives. No kidding! (I think she still drank milk and juice) The doctor said to just let her eat it and eventually she would get tired and try new things…so that is what they did and she is a pretty normal eater now at age 13!
    Good luck!

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