Sometimes, I think that Cooper might just burst with the excitement and anticipation his heart is feeling. He REALLY KNOWS Daddy is coming home soon, really, really soon.  He is a ball of energy these days.

I’m struggling to not squish him or his spirits (because when you deal with that ball of energy 24 hours a day, it gets old) and to just join in his excitement. We have our moments of fun and we have our moments of discipline and chats about “self-control”. I will add that it is hard to tell your child to have self control when you don’t have much yourself though. For good or bad!

This week/week-end has been “Welcome to Chez Nevil!” around here. It has actually been really fun to have some housemates. A friend-of-a-friend, Danielle, is staying here with us for a week and a half while she visits her beau who is currently training here at good ol’ Ft. Lewis. Then my friend, Krista, just arrived in town this week (because her hubbs is home next week-so jealous!) and she needed a place to crash for a night while she worked out wonkiness with her living situations. Yes…I probably invented that word, “wonkiness”.

This morning was very fun for me as a result of my little visitors. It was great to do the coffee and breakfast thing with the girls. Cooper was even more excited (apparently that’s possible) to have MORE people to pay attention to him. He was quite the show off all morning.

The anticipation is growing in our hearts and in our home as we continue to devour jelly beans (with new vigor too) and cut those chain links off the chain. Yes, we are ready to welcome Daddy home! I think he is ready to be home too.


2 thoughts on “Anticipation Grows Here

  1. Tiff,
    We will remember Jeremy in prayer this coming weekend at the Nevil Family Reunion. I think that it is appropriate to remember and pray for his safety and for God to bring him home from the war to his loving family as soon as possible. Will talk to Roy about him too.
    Thanks for your blog. I am sure it helps to write. Hang in there, kiddo. Military wives (even past ones from 1970’s era) stick together. There is a special bond of military wives. Mike was in the Navy in 1970-74.

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